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Why is Satellite Communication so Important today?


Satellite communication is so important today because it facilitate many connections and interactions between people. The first communication satellites were launched in 1972, and the world continues to find new ways to make use of them. Satellite technology is so reliable, most people aren’t aware of its important function in daily life.

The most frequent uses of communication satellites include business communications and entertainment purposes. Satellite communications make many interactions possible, including:


The provision of TV service is the most common use of communication satellites. Satellites play a part in network and cable company’s abilities to send television signals to viewers. The primary source beams signals to communications satellites. Then, distributors such as cable TV companies rebroadcast the signal to television viewers. Satellite TV subscribers directly take advantage of the technology through a residential dish apparatus.

TV news broadcasters also use communications satellites to broadcast live from anywhere on the planet using special equipment designed for the task.


Satellite communications make satellite radio possible in the United States. Subscribers pay for monthly access to satellite-transmitted radio programs. With this technology, subscribers can pick up the audio signal wherever they live in the nation. Sirius and XM are two popular service providers. It is possible to enjoy satellite radio on computers, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

Weather Reports

Meteorologists use communication satellites to observe and monitor global weather patterns. They use real-time information to predict short-term weather events. Forecasts about the weather are then shared with television viewers, newspaper readers, and Internet users.

Today, everyone can access weather pattern information and satellite images used to forecast the weather on a variety of weather-focused websites. Data and information are automatically updated by the communication satellites on a continuous basis. Meteorologists receive current snapshots of weather patterns as they form. Greater weather prediction accuracy results from access to the communicate satellites.


Almost everyone uses a global positioning system or GPS today. The United States Department of Defense first developed GPS technology to provide location data about GPS receiver devices. For instance, a user’s mobile device enables law enforcement to identify his or her geolocation. However, most people use a GPS for navigation purposes. A driver of a car uses the GPS to get directions to and from unfamiliar locations with ease.

Additional Uses

Communication satellites also facilitate access to Internet and telephone services in some remote parts of the planet. Most people in densely populated areas use broadband or cell towers of mobile providers today.

The armed forces also uses communication satellites to coordinate a variety of communications. Some communications satellite technology is used to accurately map unfamiliar terrain.

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