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Why 3D Laser Scanning Will Transform Your Business


An Approaching Business Revolution

The rapid development of sophisticated 3-D laser scanning technology promises to change the way many companies conduct business in the near future. Although still in its infancy, the process of replicating images in three dimensions using computers will enable businesses to employ 3-D printing technology more effectively and easily.

From historical preservation to medical device manufacturing to exciting computer gaming, 3-D laser scanning has already begun making an impact on the world. This technology holds great benefits for people who use it responsibly.

The Process of 3-D Laser Scanning

The 3-D laser scanning process, illustrated by the MakerBot Digitizer, allows people with compatible software programs to scan images from their desktops into three dimensional digital form on their computers. Combining cameras (or webcams) and lasers enable the collection of a comprehensive set of data points along a three dimensional grid very quickly.

Some software programs manipulate the data collected from 3-D laser scans to enable the production of 3-D images. The three dimensional laser scanning industry has developed in close conjunction with three dimensional printing, in many cases.

Uplifting Technology

Of course, today numerous companies strive to create large 3-D laser scanners for commercial purposes. This technology already allows some exciting new developments in several fields, including nonprofit activity.

For example, Ben and Barbara Kacyra use three dimensional laser scanning to help preserve cultural heritage sites in the virtual world through a nonprofit organization,CyArk. The organization allows the reproduction of virtual reality images. Gaming companies have also pounced on the use of three dimensional scanning to help develop vivid landscapes for computer gamers.

Customized Consumer Products

One business application of three dimensional lasers which will radically transform businesses in numerous market sectors in the near future concerns the improved ability to customize products. This trend will assist millions of people.

For example, in the past, taller than average individuals sometimes encountered difficulty locating comfortable footwear on store shelves. By using laser scanning technology to reproduce images of both feet in three dimensions, they would be able to obtain a perfect fit. Once a computer records three dimensional laser scan data points, the patterns permit tailored manufacturing. Consumers seeking highly customized clothing, footwear, and other items will likely benefit from the use of three dimensional laser scanning technology.
Many New Avenues

In the near future, businesses will promote additional applications of this exciting technology. From the development of more interesting computer games, to individualized high fashion, three dimensional laser scanning offers a way for consumers to obtain a more comfortable and enriching lifestyle.

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