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What Makes a Burger Mind-Blowing?


The hamburger is a meal that can be prepared in various ways. You can grill it, bake it or fry it on the top of a stove. There are many items that can be added to a hamburger before it’s cooked to give it a mind blowing taste. There are also a few items that can be placed on top of a hamburger after it’s made that will give a little uniqueness to the dish.

Onion Rings
This is an item that can give crunch to the hamburger. You only need to add one or two onion rings to the hamburger after it’s cooked and on the bun. Make sure the rings are crispy on the outside to give the quality crunch. You can drizzle a small amount of steak sauce on the onion rings for a bold taste.

Add Flavors
Before you cook your hamburger, you should add the flavors. Don’t wait until the burger has finished cooking as you won’t have a large surface to use to get the delicious flavors in the meat. The added flavors and moisture can help keep the shape of the burger as well and help to keep it from shrinking as much. Cheese is a good ingredient to add to a hamburger. Consider adding mozzarella cheese and mushrooms for a steakhouse burger or cheddar and small pieces of bacon for a cheeseburger effect.

Indent The Meat
One way to keep the meat from shrinking while it’s cooking is to make a small indention in the burger before it’s placed on the cooking surface. This will make it a little harder for the burger to lose it’s shape. It will also give a small caved area to place toppings so that they don’t fall off the burger as easily.

This is an ingredient that is being used more on hamburgers. It’s best to leave the egg fried, placing it at the top of the other ingredients before placing the bun. When you bite into the egg, it will break the yolk, moistening the hamburger and giving a delicious taste that isn’t what you would get with the traditional lettuce and condiments.

Weigh The Meat
Before you put the hamburger on the cooking surface, weight the meat to make sure you aren’t getting more fat than muscle and to be sure you are serving a healthy portion. If the hamburger is mostly fat, it’s going to burn off, and you will be left with a small hamburger. Look at the weight of the hamburger as muscle tends to weigh a little more than fat and it will retain a good bit of the size.

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