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Wedding Day Attire: What Not to Wear


It’s never okay to go to attend a wedding wearing an outfit that gets more attention than the bride and groom.Additionally, it’s also not okay for the bride and groom to wear outfits that are so over-the-top that the clothes become the focus, rather than the couple themselves. Because weddings are such social events, however, one does want to look their best. These top tips will help clear up any questions on proper wedding day attire and help everyone to look their best for the big day.

Unless You’re the Bride, Never Wear White

This rule applies even if the bride doesn’t care and isn’t wearing white herself. It may be an old-fashioned rule, but only the bride should wear white on the wedding day. Anything that looks remotely like a wedding dress will be sure to be talked about by other guests, taking attention away from the bride and groom.

Don’t Wear Bright Colors

There is no inherent rule about wearing neon orange to a wedding. However, bright colors, such as bright red and orange, draw attention to the eye. In pictures where most guests will be wearing darker colors, black and pastel shades, bright colors will stand out and take away attention from the wedding party.

Don’t Wear Revealing or Inappropriate Attire

Weddings are classy occasions meant to celebrate the union of a couple. Wearing an outfit that is too short, too low-cut, too sheer, too tight or that is in any way revealing will be sure to spark talk. Any outfit that shows underwear, such as backless blouses that show the bra, should also be left at home. Weddings can be a great time to mingle and meet new people, so it’s important to wear an outfit that looks great and is flattering but is also appropriate.

Men Should Never Wear Short-Sleeved Dress Shirts

Even if it’s summer, wearing a dress shirt with short sleeves is inappropriate for a nice occasion like a wedding. A nice suit with a long-sleeved dress shirt is the safest bet, and if it gets too warm, the jacket can always be removed.

Always Check the Dress Code on the Invitation

One big mistake that people often make is forgetting to check the invitation to see if there is a suggested dress code. A black tie dress code requires a nice cocktail dress or an evening gown, a white tie dress code indicates that nothing less than a ball gown is acceptable, and a lounge suit dress code means that a skirt and top or a nice suit is acceptable. Not dressing according to the dress code can lead to an embarrassing situation.

Keep the attention of the wedding where it should be: on the bride and groom. Wearing an attractive, classy outfit will help everyone to look their best and have a great time.

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