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Warning Signs That Show It’s Time to Call a Plumber


Think you can repair every home plumbing problem on your own? Think again. There are a lot of times when you’ll want to call a plumber instead of taking matters into your own hands. If you try to repair a plumbing problem yourself, you could create a larger issue than you started with. Read on to find out when it’s best to leave a plumbing issue to the pros.

1. If there’s persistent low water pressure throughout the house, Dummies.com suggests calling a plumber. Low pressure can be due to a number of factors, including rust or debris in the lines, a problem with the city’s water supply or a problem with the design of the water lines.

2. Not getting hot water in the house? A leak in the hot water tank is easy to diagnose yourself, but if no leak is present, you’ll want a professional’s assessment. An electric tank could have a malfunctioning heating element or a blown fuse. A gas heater could have a failing igniter.

3. According to Popular Mechanics, if a toy or other household item is flushed down the toilet, it’s best to call a plumber instead of trying to fix the clog yourself. The more you flush the toilet to try to force the water down, the more lodged the item could get. Unlike regular clogs, toys aren’t going to become more pliable or disintegrate over time.

4. When the sewer line is stopped up, you probably have a number of tricks and techniques to get it draining properly. However, if nothing seems to work and the backups don’t stop, it’s possible there’s a bad plug somewhere in the line. Tree roots are a common cause. Yes, you could get a sewer rodding machine, but you’re risking breaking the rented machine or damaging the sewer. Instead, call a plumber. They’ll clean the drain and if something goes awry, they’ll also repair anything they break.

5. Frozen pipes aren’t uncommon, but they’re not always an easy fix, either. When your pipe freezes, you’ll want to first shut the main water valve. Then, open a nearby faucet before you try to thaw the pipe. Hair dryers, propane torches and heat guns are all used to thaw pipes, although they should only be used if you know what you’re doing. First, though, check to see if the pipe has cracked or bursted. If it has, don’t try to repair anything on your own.

There are all types of reasons to call a plumber, from needing a professional to setup lines in your new home to making a silly mistake and not knowing how to fix it.

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