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The Ultimate Guideline for Purchasing Used Tech Items


It seems like there’s a brand new gadget being introduced nearly every day, so consumers are switching electronics almost as much as their hairstyles. However, updating your favorite gadget several times a year with a brand new one is expensive and wasteful if the discarded items aren’t properly recycled. When you’re in the market for a different tech item, follow a few guidelines to protect your wallet when searching for that perfect used device.

Choose Your Item Carefully

Ideally, only a few tech items are viable as used purchases. According to CNET, printers, hard drives and televisions are best purchased as new items. However, laptops, smartphones and other electronics are perfect candidates for a used purchase. Simply research your chosen item’s advantages and disadvantages when it comes to a used product sale. Some items can stand the test of time with general updates and basic care. Ideally, the used item cost should be substantially lower than a comparable new product for the transaction to be worth your time.

Get Some Hands-On Time

Generally, you must be able to hold and test the used tech item before exchanging any funds with the seller. Although online photos can be very detailed, examining the product in real life may shed light on several unseen flaws. All used tech items should have strong housings without any cracks, for example. The item must have a charge, so you can turn it on and test all of the functions. It’s important to be wary of any items that appear abused because they may not be the best deal for you.

Double-Check the Software Update

In today’s technologically driven world, the latest software update is critical for any item. If you turn on a gadget and it has a software version from 2 years ago, it’s best to pass on the purchase deal. That item may not download and install the newest software properly, and that situation leaves you with a failed electronic almost immediately after purchasing it.

Ask About Warranties

Some device sellers are part of reputable electronic companies or their suppliers, so consumers should ask about any applicable warranties. If an item is refurbished, for instance, the original manufacturer could apply several months of warranty onto that purchase to prove it’s a viable electronic. When consumers purchase electronics among themselves, however, a warranty isn’t usually possible. Consumers must trust the seller and the device’s appearance to make a final purchase decision.

If your used tech item only lasts a few months before it fails entirely, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that you donate or recycle the item. Many natural elements reside in these electronics, so recycling them is often the best course of action. In the end, these elements can be used in new tech items to reduce their overall cost.

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