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The Top 5 Spots to Live in Boston


Where to Live in Boston
Boston is an amazing place to live, visit and explore. In fact, Forbes rated it as one of the best cities for Millenials! When it comes to finding a place to live, the options can be overwhelming. Here are the top 5 areas to look at in Boston:
1. Allston/Brighton
Allston/Brighton is a great choice for people looking to live in the city. It tends to be much cheaper than living in downtown Boston, but still boasts all the great aspects of living in the city. It is close to the T, so it is easy to travel to different areas of the city. There are a lot more parking options available in this area of the city and the houses/apartments are slightly bigger. There are multiple grocery stores in the area, which can’t be said for other areas of this great city. It is a great option for family living in the city.
2. The North End
The North End is where a lot of the hype of Boston is. It is very close to the Financial District and has some of the best food/restaurants available. The area is made up of mostly business professionals and is one of the safest areas to live. Parking can be difficult but is an excellent option if residents do not plan on owning a car. It is close to the Green, Orange and Blue lines on the T. The North End really feels like a community and has a small-town feel in a big city.
3. Beacon Hill
Beacon Hill is a beautiful part of Boston and is home to gorgeous brownstones. Everything is within walking distance and easily accessible. There is a great mix of college students, medical students and families living in this area. It has access to numerous subway stations and bus lines. The benefit of living in Beacon Hill is all of the amenities the area has to offer. There are grocery stores, restaurants and fitness centers. Most people that live in Beacon Hill do not move out unless they are being relocated. It is truly a hidden treasure in Boston.
4. The South End
The South End has a lot to offer. The night life is amazing and is a popular destination for young professionals. Even the condominiums in the area have skyrocketed due to the growing population looking to live in one of Boston’s hottest spots. It is a little less accessible than some of the other locations because it takes longer to get places.
5. The Back Bay
The Back Bay is a very expensive place to live, but it is more accessible than any other area in Boston. It is full of life and there is always something going on. It is larger than Beacon Hill. There are cafes galore on Newbury Street, but the restaurants aren’t as plentiful as someplace like the North End. The Back Bay is a good place to look if you enjoy being active outside and getting to know your neighbors.

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