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Psychic Readings: How to Spot a Genuine Psychic


There are many kinds of psychics and they use a wide variety of tools. Some may read cards while others read auras, crystal balls, tea leaves, or palms. Some psychics even speak to the dead to obtain information. Almost every psychic will have a different method of looking into a client’s past, present, or future.

Just as there are many types of psychics, there are many types of clients as well. A psychic and client come together in a symbiotic relationship based on good chemistry and trust. The best way to determine if a psychic and a client are a good fit is for the client to request a short reading and see what happens. The client will know in five minutes whether or not they have found the right reader.

The best way to locate a good psychic is to ask other people. A really good, established psychic will have a reputation for being amazingly accurate and will have a loyal following. Established psychics tend to stay in the same location for years, building their business.

One important thing for a client to consider is just because a tarot card reader gives your best friend a great reading doesn’t that mean that reader will perform that well for you. Some extremely gifted psychics resonate better with some people and not as well to others. Just get a short reading and experiment. Don’t just try one psychic, keep trying until you find the right one.

Also, psychics are not machines. They have good days and bad days when it comes to their ability. If a client insists on a reading when a psychic is tired, hungry, or even has jet lag, that person will probably not get a very accurate reading. Also, if a client seeks a reading while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs that can really affect the accuracy of the reading.

When it comes to getting an online psychic reading, research the different ‘psychic for hire’ companies on the Internet. Look them up on the Better Business Bureau website. Check out psychics that work solo as well, if several people have recommended that psychic.

Be aware that some companies screen and test their psychics before they hire them. Some even certify their psychics as genuine, as well as being trustworthy and professional. This careful testing is done to assure the customer they are speaking with a bonafide psychic, and not a fake that will try to scam them out of money. Some of these companies also offer a free trial reading, which can really help a client choose the right psychic. Also, there are websites of organizations online that investigate and list reputable psychics and their abilities.

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