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Planning your Long Distance Move in Advance


Leaving your home to move somewhere far away can be difficult emotionally, financially and physically. The more planning you do ahead of time, the easier the transition will be. Follow these tips for making your long distance move as stress-free as possible.

Pack With Care

According to Real Simple, you should use specialized boxes for your important or breakable items. If you were moving somewhere nearby, your fine china and collectibles may be able to survive the trip in a regular ol’ box. For long distance moves, though, they have a much greater chance of breaking if they’re not packed well. For dishes and fragile items, use dish barrels, which are made of heavy duty cardboard. Wardrobe boxes and flat-frame boxes are also useful if you’re moving a lot of clothing, art or mirrors. The good news is that these special items can probably be packed well in advance because they’re not the daily items you need at your fingertips.

Transfer or Cancel Memberships

A great tip from the Huffington Post is that if you belong to organizations, associations, clubs or gyms, you’ll want to cancel or update your membership. Some gyms are national or international and you’ll just need to update your account to reflect your new home base. Other memberships are local-based and will need to be canceled. At the same time, research similar clubs in your new location and consider signing up for memberships now.

Get Rid of Some Stuff

When you’re prepping for a big move, the time is perfect for purging. You’ll be going through each and every item you own anyway, so why not take the opportunity to sell, trash, donate and ultimately make your load that much lighter? Weigh both the sentimental and monetary values of your items, especially your furniture, against how much it’s going to cost to move it. You can also get rid of your smaller items that have been hanging around unused for years. Bonus: Unpacking will be easier, too!

Figure Out What To Do With Your Car

The best bet is always to drive your own car to the new destination. Unfortunately, that’s not possible for everyone depending on where the new location is. If you have to ship your car, it’s necessary to get everything planned far in advance. Often, your vehicle shipment has to be reserved several months in advance. Since this is a pricey option, a lot of people choose to sell their car and purchase a new one when they arrive at their destination. In that case, you’ll want to list your car as early as possible, since it can take a while for it to sell.

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