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Outside the Box: Why Calculated Risks Matter


It’s nearly impossible to achieve the things you’ve been dreaming of without taking risks now and again. Risk taking is best when calculated, though. Weighing the pros and cons of taking the risk and not taking the risk is the first step toward making a smart decision.

While you can think things through as much as possible, risk taking always has some amount of blind trust. In the end, nothing is guaranteed and you’ll have to rely on your instincts to steer you in the right direction. According to Huffington Post, there are lot of benefits to taking calculated risks, including:

• You’ll open yourself up to new opportunities and challenges. You’ll push yourself to learn something new that will possibly serve you in your career or life later on.

• You’ll set new limits. Everyone has a comfort zone that they like to operate within. When you take a risk, you expand that comfort zone and set new boundaries that allow you to go farther. You’ll start achieving more at higher levels than before.

• You’ll become more creative. When you take a risk, you’ll need to become better at problem solving. You’ll try out new approaches and learn to think outside the box.

• You’ll see that some risks actually turn out positive. Not everything in life can be planned and there are certainly times when you’re going to fail. However, there are also times when you’re going to succeed. It’s important to see that some risks really pay off in the end.

• You’ll start to clearly define what it is that you want. Calculated risks are mindful and thought out. When you think clearly and make a decision to take the risk, you’ll start to notice what it is you want out of life, your career, relationships and more.

• You’ll be empowered to take more risks in the future. Once you’ve taken a few calculated risks, you’ll feel powerful and confident, even if some of those risks didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped. You’ll see that failing isn’t as scary as you thought it was and that it’s worth it to take more risks in the future.

According to Entrepreneur, not all calculated risks are created equal and some are bound to fail. When things don’t work out, get out of the project. It’s not necessarily a complete failure – you’ll still learn from your mistakes – but you don’t need to move forward with a bad idea, either.

When making the final decision about whether or not to take a risk, it’s best if the choice comes from your heart. When you pursue a passion, you’re more likely to succeed, no matter how much of a risk you’re taking.


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