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Limited Edition Cigars: Smoke ‘Em If you Got ‘Em


Cuban cigars are one of the most coveted cigars of aficionados all around the world. In fact, it is one of Cuba’s main exports with over 100 million cigars being sold worldwide. And today, they may be easier for you to acquire than you expected.

Illegal since 1962, Cuban cigars were a distant dream for most cigar lovers in America. However, Cuban cigars can now be brought into the United States. They can not be brought in from third countries or bought over the internet. However, a person who traveled to Cuba is allowed to bring home up to $100 of alcohol or tobacco for personal use. This makes Cuban cigars more accessible than ever before. Travel to Cuba still requires general licenses, but there is talk of the regulations being lifted all together. If that does happen, sales of Cuban cigars are likely to go up 70%.

What does this mean for the allure of the Cuban cigar, though? Surely, part of the reason that people loved Cuban cigars so much was the fact that they were illegal and not easy to come across. With this curiosity satisfied, is the product going to stand up in the market? Many people think that the more Cuban cigars are available, the more people will realize that they aren’t quite as amazing as previously thought.

One of the reasons for this is that Cuban cigars have one specific taste. They have one type of tobacco; it’s what makes the Cuban cigar distinct. However, in America, we have access to tobacco from the United States, Ecuador, Brazil, and Italy, among other places. This gives our cigar shops a much greater variety. Were Cuban cigars to be sold in our cigar shops, it merely adds to the variety. Furthermore, Cuban cigar companies don’t have the standards that American cigar shops have.

The good news is that Cuban cigar will likely go down in price with the availability increased. For the persona who does want to see what the fuss is about, they can satisfy their curiosity. The other possibility about the cost is that the high demand will allow the cost to go up. The hand-rolling process only allows a specific amount of product to be made. That is, if the American customers continue the demand.

The changing laws in the American cigar market are going to have an interesting effect on the image and price of this enigmatic cigar. If you are interested in trying the cigar, you might be able to in the near future.

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