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Laundromat Businesses: Are They a Good Investment?


If you like washing clothes or making sure clothing gets clean, then you might want to consider investing in a laundromat. These are a good investment if you know how to manage the money that is made and how to compete with the competition. There aren’t many laundromats left in cities as more people are purchasing energy efficient washers and dryers for the home, but with a little skill, you can own a successful laundromat.

Sole Business
Unless you want a partner in the business, then you will get to keep the profits that are made. Operating a laundromat isn’t that difficult as customers will wash and dry their own clothes. You will be responsible for making sure the machines and floors are cleaned and that all of the products are stocked. Each decision that is made is yours. You will decide what kind of laundry detergent is in for sale and how late the business is open.

Community Service
One of the things that you will be offering is a community service that some might need. When a homeowner has a washer or dryer that has stopped working, they will likely need a way to wash and dry clothes. Keep your prices low so that the community will see that you care about the services that people need. Owning a laundromat gives you a way to help the community that is in need as well. If there is a major event, such as a large fire in someone’s home or a natural disaster that destroys several homes, people are going to need a way to keep clothing clean. You can provide a service by washing and drying the clothes free of charge. This is a service that will be remembered.

Easy Profit
There really isn’t a lot of overhead when it comes to operating a laundromat. The only things that you will likely have to pay is the rent for the building and the utilities. If you buy a business, then you can take the rent out of the equation. This will make the business profitable in a short amount of time. Once you start making money, you can begin lowering the prices for the washers and dryers. This can bring in more customers, which can mean more money overall.

No Bills To Collect
You can pretty much sit back and let the customers take care of their own laundry. You won’t have to write any kind of bill for customers to pay as they will insert the money to use the machine as they wash and dry clothes. The lack of billing makes it easy to keep track of how much money you have made and how much you need to spend on items that customers might need, such as drinks for a soda machine or laundry detergent that customers can purchase.

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