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Keeping Up with Tech News Can Help Your Business


Technology is one of the most active categories in today’s news media world, and tech headlines often run alongside business updates. News coverage about business in the 21st century has virtually merged with tech journalism, and there is a good explanation for this fusion: information and communication are the two of the most important aspects of the modern enterprise, and technology is their main driver.

Business owners have several reasons for keeping abreast of technology news these days, but the main reason is competitiveness. If anything, technology has leveled the playing field for many small companies; the various tech tools available to small enterprises allow them to expand and catch up to their competitors. Business owners who do not stay up to date with the latest tech developments are at risk of missing out on new products, apps, strategies, and announcements that their competitors may take advantage of.

Aside from information management and communications, business owners should make a habit of reviewing tech news related to marketing, customer service, social media, productivity, and remote collaboration. Business-oriented websites are some of the best sources of useful technology news these days, but even the local newspaper can be helpful in this regard.

Reading Case Studies

Business owners and executives should not limit their tech news reading to scanning headlines. Articles that mention case studies tend to be more useful. For example, an article that explains how a food truck owner uses Twitter as her exclusive social media platform could be recommended reading for other micro business owners who want to leverage social networking for marketing purposes. Another example would be a case study on how a hospital plans to implement electronic medical records; such an article may be of interest to an office manager who is thinking about going paperless.

Timesaving, Organization and Productivity

On a more personal level, business owners should also review technology news for the purpose of learning about the latest innovations to help them stay organized and become more productive. For example, major news websites such as CNN periodically publish lists of new apps that are ideal for business people; in late 2014, CNN listed 10 very useful apps for the modern enterprise, which included MightyMeeting, Showpad, Expensify, and Canvas. Technology websites often publish product reviews and hands-on guides that can help business owners make informed decisions before they make a purchase.

Keeping abreast of tech news is also helpful in terms of upgrades. Major newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and business magazines such as Forbes often publish articles about the latest apps, mobile devices and other hardware items beneficial to enterprises, and these reports often mention discounts, special offers and sales.

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