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If it Ain’t Broke: Modifying Your Existing Electronics


STOP! If you’re thinking about throwing away some of your old electronics, hold it right there. It may be dead and old to you, but there are a variety of ways to flip it like a house. Here are a few tips to completely repurpose your electronics and make them useful once again.


A portmanteau of Mac and aquarium, this project is a creative way of turning your old Mac into a fish bowl. PC monitors with the large hump in the back may do fine as well, but older Macs work best for this project. Visit here for instructions and safety tips to convert your old Mac/PC monitor into a fish bowl. Just don’t try this if the monitor and Mac still works, however.


Pretty much every type of old electronic can be turned into art. For instance, this guy turned old hard drives into sculptures. If you have a couple phones lying around, use the parts inside to create whatever you want, or decorate it to become a new design piece in your home. And if you have a few cassette tapes, turn them into creative, retro lamps. Think of your old tech as materials to make whatever you want with no boundaries.

Coaster CDs

If you have no use for CDs anymore, decorate them and turn them into elegant coasters. Use any material you want (like duct tape or cloth) and use them for candles or drinks.

Media Centers

As long as you have electronics that were created after 2005, comes with internet functionality, can view, and stream video, you’re good to go. For old PCs, you can hook it up to your TV and use it for Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc. For mobile phones released in the past couple of years, you can use them as media controllers. If your phone is relatively recent (2012-ish) go ahead and use it for Chromecast or use a cable to make your phone function as a remote.

Rooting and Jailbreaking

Take those old Androids and iPhones and use as your tweaking board. Root your Android phone to create amazing tweaks and learn a little about modding your system. Jailbreak your iPhone to create fantastic themes and tweaks to make your phone great once again.

Smartphone Projecter

While it’s more of a gimmick than a full functional projector, this project is great for little kids and beginner DIYers out there. You can buy the cardboard needed to project the smartphone image or make your own. Put the phone into the cardboard projector and face it towards a blank wall in a dark room, and voila! You have an interesting smartphone projector.

These are just a few ways you can turn your old tech into fully functional ideas. There are 100s of uses for nearly every device, showing that there is still life after death for your old electronics.


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