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How to Put Together Your Jewelry Ensemble


Fashionable women can spend a lot of time shopping for new items to add to their wardrobe and creating the perfect look to wear for all needs. From dressy and professional to casual and even athletic outfits, you want to look your best every day. While the clothing that you choose to wear is important, you should also spend time focusing on your accessories. Jewelry will have a considerable impact on your finished look, and you can put together the perfect ensemble of accessories when you pay attention to a few tips.

Focus on Color
Initially, you should spend time focusing on the color of your jewelry ensemble. In some cases, jewelry should pull out an accent or secondary color from your clothing. With other looks, the jewelry itself may provide your look with an accent color that is not featured in your clothing. If your outfit is relatively monochromatic, this is a great idea. Keep in mind that jewelry should get noticed rather than blend into your outfit.

Think About the Metal
Another important factor to consider when selecting your jewelry pieces is to think about the metal. Gold and silver are among the most common types of metal that are used with jewelry. You want to select the same type of metal for all of your pieces to give your look uniformity. In addition, keep in mind that silver is typically a more casual type of metal to use while gold is often used for more formal occasions. However, some women simply have a preference for wearing one type over the other.

Select the Right Style
Jewelry pieces can be luxurious and elegant, sophisticated and demure, understated or even bold and funky. The style of all of your pieces should match, although some pieces may be more eye-catching and noticeable than others that you choose to wear. In addition, the style should be suitable for the occasion or event. For example, wearing bold or funky pieces to a somber event, such as a funeral, is generally not a good idea.

Most outfits will not look complete without some accessories. You generally do not need to wear every type of jewelry with every outfit. For example, you may not need a necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings and purse or handbag with all of your looks. Many of your outfits will benefit from having all of these pieces, but in some cases, one bold accessory that makes a statement may be all that is needed. It can take some time to learn how to properly accessorize your looks as well as to expand your collection of jewelry and accessories to pull out and use with all of your outfits. Eventually, you may find that accessorizing becomes second nature to you.

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