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How to Cater a Delicious Holiday Party


What is a Holiday Party without tasty food and drink? Win over your guests by catering a top-notch party this year. There are some important things to consider when you start planning for your Holiday Party. For instance, you will need an approximation of guest so you don’t run short on food. Also, it is very important to consider if you are having the party for friends and family or coworkers? These questions will help you decide what to serve, where to serve it, if you need a server and what your budget is.
You may not be able to gauge how many people will come to your party unless you send out a formal invite with an RSVP request. There are several online sites such as Evite that can assist you with digital, low cost, or free invitations with user-friendly RSVP options.
Once you have an idea of how many people will be at your party and who the party is for, it is time to start the menu. If it is for friends and family, your party may last longer and need more intimate food and beverage choices, whereas for an office party, your party may begin earlier and end sooner. In that case, you won’t need as much food or drinks. For a personal party, guest will most likely be looking for a warm dinner. Roasts, hams, and turkeys are usually good choices because of wide variety of taste preferences.

Accompany the main dish with only a few side options such as mashed potatoes, rice or vegetables. You may not wish to go to the extent of a dinner menu for an office party, but both parties should have warm and cold finger foods. Some examples of finger foods that go well at any party are cheese platters with crackers, fruit or vegetable platters and anti-pasta plates. Both parties should have plenty of sweets for your guest to savor. Just be cautious: too many options begin to look cluttered and uninviting. It is better to have enough of a few really good options than too little of too many options.
Another important aspect of catering your party is making sure that the space works. Crowded tables of food are unappetizing. It is best to have separate tables for main dishes, finger foods and desserts. Drinks should always be plentiful and on their own table. If you do not have adequate table space, consider serving finger foods on platters and have a server or your guests pass them around the room.

If you do chose to hire a server, familiarize yourself with them before the party if possible. They should be friendly, helpful, and neat with a high priority for professionalism.
Sometimes tight budgets don’t allow for servers and such, but you can still throw a great party by using some useful budgeting tips from Huffington Post’s article, “How to Throw a Holiday Party on a Budget”. Whatever delicious treats you decide to serve, the most important part of a successful Holiday Party is for you to remain calm and relaxed.


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