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Home Design: 3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid


Home design is not a matter to take lightly. It can impact how comfortable you feel in your own home and how inviting your space is to your guests. You may want your space to feel warm and cozy, light and airy or something else entirely, but you also want it to look stylish and represent your own taste and sense of style. Many people, however, struggle with home design for a number of reasons, and they often will make similar mistakes that can have a detrimental to your home’s style and ambiance.

Inadequate Lighting
The lighting in a room can play a major role in the décor and design in a number of ways. The light fixtures themselves have a style that will influence the décor, so you should pay attention to the size, finish and more of the lamps and light fixtures. In addition, the type of lighting that they cast throughout the room will also play a role in the décor. Indirect lighting can provide the muted, soft light that is desirable for a calming effect in a space while direct lighting may be brighter and may make the space feel more inviting.

Appropriately-Sized Wall Decorations
Another common mistake people make with home décor and design is choosing the wrong wall decorations. Many people focus on the style or colors in the wall decorations, and this is important. However, they fail to take size into consideration. When you have a large wall space open over a large piece of furniture, such as a bed, a dining room table or a couch, you generally to have a large decorative item on the wall. An alternative to this is to use a cluster of smaller pieces to cover the wall space in a decorative way.

Poor Color Choices
Bold color choices can sometimes provide incredible, stylish results, but in other cases, they can make the space look uninviting, cramped or otherwise unpleasant in another way. Even when you choose two beautiful colors, the combination of colors may not work well. You should carefully consider your color choices, and you may even bring samples into your space so that you can view them together and in your room’s natural lighting so that you can make a better decision.

It can cost a small fortune to decorate even a single room in your home to your satisfaction, and errors and mistakes in home design can be costly and disastrous. Home decorating and design may seem to come naturally to some people, but it can be stressful and challenging for others. You can more easily achieve the results you desire by understanding common design mistakes people make and by avoiding making those same mistakes in your home.

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