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Holidays on a Budget: Shop Early and Plan


How to Stick to Holiday Shopping on a Budget
The holidays are quickly approaching. And unfortunately, they can be expensive if you have a lot of people to shop for. However, being on a budget doesn’t have to mean that you can’t purchase gifts for your loved ones, or only give gifts that are perceived as cheap. With a few tips, you can stick to a holiday shopping budget. Here are a few of those tips.

Space Out Your Shopping By Starting Early

Have you ever found yourself trying to purchase all of your Christmas gifts a week or two before Christmas and trying to stretch your paycheck? The best way to solve this problem is to space out your shopping and start purchasing items when you have a little extra income or committing to buying one to two gifts a month. If you are not sure what your loved ones will like, purchase gift cards or put the money in an account and leave it there. Spacing out shopping, or at least setting aside money early on, can help ensure that you don’t run out of cash when the holidays roll around.

Make a List of Who You Need to Shop For and Stick to It

Making a list will help you avoid buying for each and every person you know. While you may want to buy a gift for everyone, stick to the ones that are closest to you. Just remember, just because someone got you a gift doesn’t mean you have to go out and purchase one for them. Sticking to this list will help you stick to your budget.

Think About Gift Ideas for People and Pick Things Up As They Go On Sale

Another way to stick to your budget is to think of gift ideas and pick up those items as they go on sale. Making a list helps avoid impulse purchase and allows you to pick up things on sale.

Keep Your Receipt and Get a Refund If the Item Goes Down in Price

If you bought something earlier in the year and the item is within a refund or price adjustment period, bring the receipt and the product to the store, as many stores will give you the difference in the savings back. This helps your money go a little further.

The holidays are supposed to be a time to spend with family, not stress over money. However, many people do stress about money this time of year because shopping can get pricey. Spacing out your shopping, making a list of who you want to buy for, picking up things on sale and getting price adjustments if items you buy go down in price are great ways to stick to a budget this holiday season.

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