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Dog Boarding: What to Do Before You Book


All pet parents will probably be required to leave a dog at home at some point. Leaving a beloved pet to go on vacation or take a business trip is very challenging. Nothing is too good for him or her, but keep in mind that a luxury pet spa can be expensive. Make sure your pet is safe, comfortable, given walks, and lots of attention while you’re gone.

Here’s what to do before you book a dog boarding kennel:

Ask Friends, Family, and the Veterinarian

Not all dog boarding is created equal. Ask lots of questions and visit the dog boarding business before booking your best friend’s reservation.

#1: Dog Boarding Environment

Start by visiting the place where your dog will stay. Request a tour of the kennel and check for a neat, clean, odor-free environment. Check out the cages or crates. If your dog has never been trained in a crate or spent time in a confined space, the kennel might create anxiety in your pet. If your pet is older, bursitis and arthritis or other medical issues may require the dog to move and play.

If a boarding kennel doesn’t pass muster, chances are your pet won’t like it, either. Look for a clean, organized pet kennel with plenty of open spaces for movement and play.

If you can’t find a suitable boarding service, consider a pet resort or hotel with beds, toys, and lots of attention for each guest. Yes, you might pay more, but if the resort has live video feed, watch your dog smiling and playing from wherever you are. Now, feel better.

#2: Exercise

Walks and play are important to your dog. Some facilities limit the amount of time dogs spend outdoors. Shamefully, some open a back door and let the dog out for a few minutes twice a day.

A larger breed used to three or four leisurely strolls in the dog park will not like this part of the dog boarding solution, so look for a service that will exercise your pet three or more times each day.

#3: Illness or Injury

Illness or dog injury is the pet mama or papa’s worst fear. If your pet has a chronic illness and your veterinarian maintains a boarding center that meets your requirements, consider leaving your pet with the vet. If your pet loves the vet or groomers at the veterinary office, this may be the perfect solution.

#4: Meals

Plan to bring enough of your pet’s food to the boarding service. Leave written instructions and contact details if your pet has special needs.

Many pet owners find a pet hotel, vet with boarding center, pet sitters and dog walkers to provide services to call on as needed. If in doubt, consider traveling with your dog. Pet-friendly hotels are everywhere.

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