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Contractors: Increase Efficiency with These Software Systems


In order to remain competitive and profitable, contractors must successfully deal with business rivals, clients with limited budgets and sluggish markets. However, there are popular software systems that will increase the contractor’s efficiency and productivity.

Construction Estimating Software
Estimating software allows contractors to quickly and accurately prepare detailed cost estimates in order to create a user-friendly bid. Many programs come with hundreds of preset formulas. Some programs even automatically determine required materials and labor through built-in NEC tables and NECA standards. These programs can build their estimates faster by taking advantage of additional estimate information sources. Construction estimating software allows contractors to mitigate risks through creating project tasks based on the project’s model. The software program will also automatically identify potential estimating errors so that users can quickly correct the issues. Users also can compare past and current drawing revisions through overlay functions. However, estimates are totally independent of each other, which increase creativity and flexibility. Each project can be divided into multi-level sections so that contractors can break up complex tasks into smaller, more manageable parts. As a result, contractors will experience better accuracy and productivity. Even better, their profits will increase and their overhead costs will be reduced.

Construction accounting software offers a variety of benefits. First, they come loaded with standard and customizable business reports that provide real time data. These detailed reports will allow the users to review billing history over given time period with just a few mouse clicks. Users can categorically assort by date, client or invoice status. This will allow contractors to swiftly spot clients whose accounts are still outstanding. In addition to this, construction accounting software programs integrate with other accounting software programs. Therefore, contractors can conveniently share information and messages with their accountants. In fact, many accounting software programs also integrate with popular business apps, such as PayPall and project management programs. As an added bonus, centralized and standardized financial data will simply and streamline the tax process.

Construction Management Software
A construction management systems are designed for contractors, remodelers and home builders. They combine the best of scheduling, customer and project management into a single suite. Some of these programs are traditional software programs while others are web-based through cloud computing technology. The latter is preferred because cloud-based systems offer convenience and universal access. Construction management systems come with pre-sale tools that help with proposals and quick bids. Project management functions include budgeting, scheduling and attendance sheets. There are also customer service management functions that help contractors with order changes, warranty requests and payment processing. These systems are designed to integrate with standard business applications, such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Office.

To sum up, construction software programs will save money, streamline workflows, eliminate redundancies and increase profits.

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