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Choosing an Interior Design Style


The first step in choosing an interior design style is defining your own style. How do you like to feel at home? What are your decorating habits concerning colors and textiles? What kind of impression do you want your home to give? These questions should be taken into consideration while designing your interior. Here are some examples of basic design styles and the affects they each have on space. Exploring some common decorating themes can help in defining your own style.

If you like staying on trend and keeping up with the latest in home design innovations, then contemporary may be for you. Even though this comfortable style often makes use of neutrals such as white, cream, or brown, and natural fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton, it is ever evolving with the times. If your own style tends to continuously transform, then contemporary may be a perfect fit for you.

If you’re more of a minimalist who prefers very little ornamentation, no appliances on the counter, and loves living among contrasting colors and sleek architectural lines, then consider exploring modern interiors. Though less warm and cozy than other styles, modern is open and very breathable and allows a lot of playing room with accents such as striking light fixtures and vivid modern art.

Country Cottage
Those who love the look of those farmhouse sinks, don’t mind a bit of weathered paint and finishes, and really, really adore floral fabrics, will feel tickled about cottage style. The color pallet is reminiscent of a basket of flowers, containing dusty pinks, soft greens, and uses a lot of white and cream. Country or cottage interiors offer a very cozy atmosphere.

Ornate molding, elaborate window treatments, and fabrics featuring brocade and jacquard are featured in the home of someone with rather opulent taste. Rich colors such as gold, burgundy and cobalt, are often used. If you love elegant detail on wooden furniture, floor rugs, and curtains, and enjoy statement pieces such as chandeliers and family heirlooms, then an opulent interior style would suit you.

Vintage interior design will appeal most to the antique enthusiasts who enjoy going to estate sales and flea markets. These nostalgic interiors are both charming and historic, but classic vintage is defined by 1940’s glamour, which some people may not be familiar with.

While exploring your style you can experiment by incorporating some of these design elements into your current interior. You may have chosen elements from a few different styles, like contemporary-country or modern and artistic, and that’s perfectly fine! Whatever you do, make sure your own style is represented in your interior.


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