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Cheap Little Cigars, Big Variety of Flavors


Just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s low quality, and the same holds true for cigars. While there are countless expensive options on the market, it is the low cost, big flavor choices that often go overlooked. If you want to purchase a few more cigars that will provide you with a lot of flavor for a little investment, try out these brands.

Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde

The Saint Luis Rey (usually referred to as SLR) cigars are Honduran in origin, although they use filler tobacco from Peru and Nicaragua. At just $2.88 per cigar, they’re inexpensive, but offer a medium-bodied experience that’s hard to find at such a low price point. However, the intricacy of flavor may not be appreciated by those who are new to cigars.

Private Stock No. 2

Sure, the name sounds expensive, but the cigar is not. For one of these, you’ll pay just $3.04. The No. 2 comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but you six-inch double coronas are the standard. With a mild or medium body and nutty flavor, this cigar is one even a new smoker could enjoy.

Flor de Oliva Gold Toro

This cigar can be a bit tricky. Right from the box brand-new, they may not be quite as tasty as you’d hope; however, given a bit of aging in a humidor, they take on a nice body and flavor that’s hard to beat at just $2.35. Like many of the other choices on this list, they are excellent options for a beginning smoker, since the subtle flavors can be picked up over time.


One of the main reasons people enjoy — and some people dislike — cigars is because of the aroma. With a Gispert, it’s hard to go wrong. With a sort of woody leather scent, anyone can appreciate the smell of a Gispert, and at just $3 or so per cigar, it’s an inexpensive option with woodsy flavors that is fantastic for a newbie smoker.

Mr. B Lonsdale Madura

At just $1.25, this cigar is the same price as a bottle of soda — yet the flavor is so much better. These are Nicaraguan in origin, made with 100% tobacco, and range from mild to medium in flavor. If you find them a bit too intense, let them age for a few months to mellow. If you’re looking for a cigar to smoke on an every day basis, this is your best choice.


Just because a cigar is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s low quality, as any of the options on this list will tell you. After all, learning to smoke cigars is part of being a gentleman, and gentleman do not waste money needlessly.



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