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Morning vs. Evening Workouts: The Pros and Cons

The debate over whether morning or evening workouts are best continues, but new data suggest that outcomes are not measurably improved by choosing one time of day over the others. More important to the success of your workout is choosing a time that works best for your circadian rhythm and your scheduling needs. Morning Exercise…

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Are Swimming Pools a Good Investment?

Perhaps you’re considering installing a swimming pool in your yard at home, or considering the purchase of a home that already includes a swimming pool. If so, it’s natural for you to wonder whether swimming pools are a good investment. They’re expensive, so of course you would want to know how much of your money,…

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How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

Electronic cigarettes are an increasingly popular way to get nicotine without the health risks of tobacco. Still, confusion surrounds the technology as many people just don’t know how it works. Here’s a look at the workings of e-cigarettes for anybody who is considering them or simply curious. E-Cig Parts and How They Work E-cigs generally contain…

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