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4 Facts About the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap has existed for decades. Although women are becoming more educated at a faster rate than men, the odds are still stacked in favor of men. Although discrimination and profession choice play a major role, the fact a gender pay gap still exists in 2018 should be unsettling to all Americans. Here…

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4 Negotiation Skills to Help You Influence Anyone

The ability to negotiate effectively can have a huge effect in both your personal and professional life. It can yield to faster promotions at work and better perks and benefits. More importantly, however, being a strong influencer can help foster prosperous relationships with other people. Not everyone is born with the right set of negotiation…

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4 Ways Having a Proper Parking Lot Will Increase Business

Owning a business is never a simple thing to do. Every decision you make for your business will determine the overall success of your endeavors. When you are running any type of company where customers or clients need to physically show up at your place of business, it is imperative that you have ample parking…

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5 Reasons to Invest in Quality Office Products

Businesses are sometimes tempted to invest in cheap office equipment, especially when the finance department is on a tight budget. However, this can prove to be a wrong financial decision when the equipment fails to stand the test of time. It is important you buy high-quality equipment to save yourself from many problems that may…

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3 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Storage Company Contract

With their greater versatility and the lower cost per square foot, self-storage units, options and solutions continue to be a very important resource for both small and large businesses alike. While the current boom in self-storage services can provide business owners with access to a wide variety of storage options, signing the wrong contract could…

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5 Benefits of a Powerful Presentation

Successful business people recognize the advantages in making powerful presentations. This skill, a challenge for most, is one that can not only help you and your company stay ahead of your competition, but also creates a positive image of you. Those are just the beginnings of benefits from making powerful presentations. YOU MAKE AN EMOTIONAL…

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3 Reasons to Outsource Your Small Business Payroll Services

Managing your payroll can be very time-consuming and brain draining. Rather than spending hours upon hours worrying about payroll, filing W-2 forms and agonizing deadlines, it may be time to look for a trustworthy third-party payroll service that can do the job for you. According to the Journal of Accountancy, nearly half of U.S. and…

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8 Tricks to achieving the perfect Lighting in an Office Setting

Installing an effective lighting system will be a major component to a successful operation. Management should be as concerned with providing lights that keep employees safe and encourages productivity as much as the bottom line. What follows are eight tips for achieving perfect lighting in an office environment. Indirect Lighting While direct lighting provides strong…

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7 Small Office Products that are Commonly Forgotten

Having a nice office does not always mean having the best decor and the fanciest electronics. Sometimes, it just comes down to having the right small office supplies. Here are seven small office supplies that you might have missed when shopping for your desk tools. 1. Post-it notes With computers, smartphones and tablets, sending quick…

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7 Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016

The field of marketing is always evolving. Every year marketers get to focus on new things they did not focus on the previous year. This has made the industry an extremely explosive one and also a very complex one. Every year, marketers have to grapple with the dynamics of competition, design new marketing strategies that…

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