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5 Benefits of a Powerful Presentation

Successful business people recognize the advantages in making powerful presentations. This skill, a challenge for most, is one that can not only help you and your company stay ahead of your competition, but also creates a positive image of you. Those are just the beginnings of benefits from making powerful presentations. YOU MAKE AN EMOTIONAL…

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3 Reasons to Outsource Your Small Business Payroll Services

Managing your payroll can be very time-consuming and brain draining. Rather than spending hours upon hours worrying about payroll, filing W-2 forms and agonizing deadlines, it may be time to look for a trustworthy third-party payroll service that can do the job for you. According to the Journal of Accountancy, nearly half of U.S. and…

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8 Tricks to achieving the perfect Lighting in an Office Setting

Installing an effective lighting system will be a major component to a successful operation. Management should be as concerned with providing lights that keep employees safe and encourages productivity as much as the bottom line. What follows are eight tips for achieving perfect lighting in an office environment. Indirect Lighting While direct lighting provides strong…

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7 Small Office Products that are Commonly Forgotten

Having a nice office does not always mean having the best decor and the fanciest electronics. Sometimes, it just comes down to having the right small office supplies. Here are seven small office supplies that you might have missed when shopping for your desk tools. 1. Post-it notes With computers, smartphones and tablets, sending quick…

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7 Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016

The field of marketing is always evolving. Every year marketers get to focus on new things they did not focus on the previous year. This has made the industry an extremely explosive one and also a very complex one. Every year, marketers have to grapple with the dynamics of competition, design new marketing strategies that…

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Contractors: Increase Efficiency with These Software Systems

In order to remain competitive and profitable, contractors must successfully deal with business rivals, clients with limited budgets and sluggish markets. However, there are popular software systems that will increase the contractor’s efficiency and productivity. Construction Estimating Software Estimating software allows contractors to quickly and accurately prepare detailed cost estimates in order to create a…

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Prioritizing your Risk Management

Risk management is a standard tool that companies use to mitigate potential commercial threats, such as loss of money, customers or market share. However, not all companies understand the importance of risk management or how to prioritize it among their other important business objectives. Why is Risk Management Important? There are many proven benefits to…

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How to Start Your Business in the Travel Industry

Working in the travel industry can be incredibly lucrative, but many people don’t know how to get their foot in the door to start their own agency. However, getting started isn’t as difficult as you may think. Here’s how.   1. Keep overhead low.   A travel business can be run from a home office,…

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Why 3D Laser Scanning Will Transform Your Business

An Approaching Business Revolution The rapid development of sophisticated 3-D laser scanning technology promises to change the way many companies conduct business in the near future. Although still in its infancy, the process of replicating images in three dimensions using computers will enable businesses to employ 3-D printing technology more effectively and easily. From historical…

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POS Systems: How They Streamline Business Processes

How POS Systems are Streamlining Business Imagine working in a kitchen all day, where you are trying to cook food, also having to pay attention to trends that are happening with your menu, all while servers are trying to keep track of tables, orders, and sales. Between writing poorly written tickets, to losing information all…

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