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Best Places to Shop in Your Late 20’s and Early 30’s


Clothes shopping is a hobby for many young adults. Even if they do not actually buy anything, it is very common to check trendy fashion sites daily to see what new items are hitting stores. While everyone would love to buy whatever he or she wanted without regard for practicality, the annoying truth is that people in their late 20’s and early 30’s have to shop with their jobs in mind.

Young adults spend more time at work than they do socializing, so it is only logical that the majority of their shopping trips center around office wear. Instead of conceiving of work clothes and “fun” clothes as being in two wholly separate categories, it helps to keep in mind that there is considerable overlap. Work clothing does not have to be drab and boring. It can be culled from classier late-night options and then styled modestly.

H&M is one of the best resources for cute, affordable clothing that is appropriate for a number of different social and work settings. The dresses are fitted but not too short, and the slacks are trim. Forever 21 is not a surefire source of essential staple pieces, but it is worth picking over its racks of leggings. At around $5 per pair, these leggings hold up fairly well and are exceedingly preferable to pantyhose. If one has decided to make skirts and dresses mainstays in her office wear rotation, is it essential to wear leggings under them.

Express has lost much of its cache, but its Editor pants are still worthy of being closet staples for young businesswomen. Conversely, Old Navy is not considered overly cool, but its shelves are full of office-friendly pieces. The over-sized boyfriend-style cardigans are slim and long enough to flatter, and the menswear-inspired cuts are a refreshing change from classic (and boring) short cardigans. The brand’s dresses are available in bright colors and prints, and they are always long enough for professional settings. There is no need to upgrade to the Gap; its quality is a bit better and the sizing is more consistent, but the price hikes are not justified in this instance.

ASOS is the star standout among retailers for young adults who are trying to upgrade their wardrobes. It stocks extensive selections of formal, casual and professional clothing geared toward people who are in their late 20’s. The fits are immaculate, and the styles are of the moment. ASOS is a British brand, but occasionally American brands like Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY pop up on the site. Though it is an online-only shop, its generous return policy allows shoppers to try on and exchange pieces until they hone in on the correct sizes.

ModCloth is a great option, but is one to be used sparingly. Its prices are steep and its quality is middling. However, its knits and mid-length dresses are favorites among professional women.

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