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Benefits of Loading your own Ammunition


There are many benefits people find with reloading ammunition, but it mainly comes down to your level of control. Reloading allows for you to have the greatest power and accuracy of your rounds, control of access to ammunition, and for cost control.

Each firearm has a preference for certain components. Bullets vary by profile, construction weight, and hardness which can make a difference in accuracy. Primers ignite in a specific manner – some burn hot and some cooler, some burn longer and some for shorter. Primers need to be matched to both the bullet and powder being used. Even when matched up, firearms can show a preference for a specific brand of primer. Reloading gives you the perfect opportunity to select the components that work best with your firearm and to fine tune your loads for maximum accuracy. Once you have figured out what works best for your particular application, you need to ensure that you are consistent when reloading. If you are consistent when reloading you will be able to maintain optimal accuracy.

One benefit is that if you choose to, you are able to customize your reloads to suit your own needs. For example, if you wanted more or less recoil when you shoot, you can reload your ammunition to account for this. You are able to achieve different variations by changing the type of powder, the amount of powder you use, and/or the bullet weight to customize your own reloads.

Another great benefit to reloading is you can save money on your ammunition. The level of savings depends on the types of materials used or what type of gun the ammunition would be for – but you are still able to save.

It is great to be able to store up ammunition or supplies and have it on hand for whenever you may need it. If you have supplies or ammunition on hand, be sure that you are storing it properly. You’ll want to avoid high heat, a room temperature environment that is a stable environment – preventing exposure to moisture and humidity. Look out for rust on the steel casings or green showing on the brass casings. These are signs that your items have not been stored properly, and should not be used for any reason.

A lot of people who started reloading find it to be fun and it has become a great hobby. With reloading you learn a lot about how your weapon works, how it is put together and what it really needs by way of ammunition. You will continue to learn, grow, and experiment and assemble optimized ammunition. Over your lifetime, you will continually learn new tricks, methods, and skills. If you have a nice clean workspace, a thirst for knowledge, and are willing to take your time – you are likely to enjoy reloading.


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