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Are Swimming Pools a Good Investment?


Perhaps you’re considering installing a swimming pool in your yard at home, or considering the purchase of a home that already includes a swimming pool. If so, it’s natural for you to wonder whether swimming pools are a good investment. They’re expensive, so of course you would want to know how much of your money, if any, you could be expected to get back when you decide to re-sell the home later.

In most areas of the USA, swimming pools are not a good investment. There are some exceptions to this, but for the most part, swimming pools provide either a small, negligible or non-existent return on investment for homeowners. You should not expect to recover the costs of a swimming pool when you re-sell your home.

One of the main problems with swimming pools is that they limit the possible buyer pool for your home. There are many home buyers who adamantly do not want swimming pools, for a number of possible reasons.

There are certain very real hazards associated with swimming pools, and many home buyers are rightly concerned about them. There’s the possibility of death by drowning in a swimming pool. This is of utmost concern for parents and pet owners. However, the situation can be potentially problematic for any homeowner, even those who are childless and pet free, because children and pets can wander onto the property even if there aren’t any children or pets who ordinarily live there. There’s also the possibility of getting poisoned, since many of the chemicals used for cleaning and maintaining swimming pools are toxic.

Swimming pools are also time consuming and costly to maintain, which adds to a homeowner’s monthly expenditures. Many potential home buyers would rather avoid becoming obligated to take on the commitment of a swimming pool.

If the home is located in an area with a short summer season, and it is cold for most of the year, a swimming pool is unlikely to be a good investment.

However, there are cases in which a swimming pool could possibly turn out to be a good investment. There are some neighborhoods, particularly luxury home communities in warm weather locales, where the majority of the homes in the neighborhood have swimming pools. For homes in this sort of environment, home buyers may perceive swimming pools as an asset that’s worth paying for. However, it’s still unrealistic to expect a large return on investment when it’s time to re-sell the home.

In any case, a swimming pool is not a home improvement project to implement with the expectation of receiving a return on investment. Instead, think of the pool as being part of your family’s entertainment budget, which you wouldn’t ordinarily expect to recover.

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