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America’s Top 10 Vape Friendly Cities


We’re currently in the midst of a vape craze in America. Yet for some reason, despite no proof of side effects thus far, many cities have treated e-cigarettes like real cigarettes. There’s no tobacco and they are smokeless, so maybe the bans on e-cigarettes aren’t warranted. Alas, there are cities that embrace the new vaping craze that’s slowly taking over the country. Here are 10 cities in America that don’t have strict laws regarding vaping.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sin City is lenient towards vaping, seeing as it puts up with other things (it didn’t get that nickname for no reason) and allows smoking in casinos and most public places. Just make sure you don’t vape in restaurants and you’ll be good to go.

2. Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas has some of the most harshest laws regarding smoking in the country. Luckily, they don’t apply to vaping. So go ahead and vape in coffee shops, clubs, bars, and other public places where vaping is permitted. Bask in the fact that you can vape above the law in Austin.

3. Seattle, Washington

It’s common to see people vape on the street in this city. While the state has introduced some stricter laws on e-cigarettes, so far it hasn’t stopped Seattle from becoming a vaping mecca.

4. Denver, Colorado

If marijuana is legal here, why not vaping pens? Luckily, this city embraces all vapers. Restaurants and businesses have the option of letting you vape in public, and you can pretty much do it anywhere (except near government buildings).

5. Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Resort City has absolutely no restrictions on vaping, just like most of Virginia. It’s purely up to business owners to allow you to vape on their property, but it’s perfectly legal to vape in public.

6. Tucson, Arizona

The city is home to over 100 vaping shops and lounges. Expect this number to grow, seeing that vaping isn’t applicable to Arizona’s smoking bans and vaping continues to become more popular.

7. Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital doesn’t have anything against vaping. You still shouldn’t vape near the government buildings, however.

8. Tampa, Florida

There are no laws regarding vaping in Tampa. In fact, it not unusual to see someone vaping at work or at a grocery store, or even at the airport. The Vaping Convention Circuit is held in Tampa, and there are plenty of activist groups that promote freedom for vapers.

In other words, life’s good for vapers in Tampa.

9. Houston, Texas

Vaping in Houston is a little less popular than in Austin, but it’s not illegal to vape in public. With that being said, that’s how it is throughout Texas, so it could be considered a vaping haven.

10. Dallas, Texas

Lastly, to round off the list is Dallas. Vaping rules and regulations change all the time, to make sure you check your city laws to get all the info on vaping. Happy vaping!.


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