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8 Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress


According to the Huffington Post, there are a lot of options for a used or unused wedding dress, even one that’s designed to fit your specific body. Don’t assume you have to toss it or let it live out its life in your closet. Here are eight ways to go green and recycle your beloved wedding gown.

1. Some wedding gowns aren’t all frilly and enormous. Many brides like dresses in silhouettes that can be worn again and again. Babble.com suggests dying your gown a new color to give it a new life in your regular wardrobe.

2. Have a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot! Have your new groom throw paint at you, go underwater in the ocean or roll around in mud. Call your photographer to be sure to get all the crazy, fun moments captured on camera.

3. Have a seamstress turn your wedding gown into a christening gown for your new little one. If your little girl is a bit older, you can have it cut and dyed to become a princess dress.

4. There are plenty of brides who need a dress but can’t afford one and plenty of organizations that match brides-in-need with their dream dress. Donate your gown to one of these organizations and rest better at night knowing you helped someone in a big way.

5. Have a professional turn your gown into accents for your home, like throw pillows or a comforter. You can even have it turned into table linens, like napkins and a tablecloth. Have enough home decor? Your gown can also be turned into a pretty purse or it can be wrapped around the cover of your wedding photo album.

6. Ask a seamstress to turn your full-length gown into a mini dress or a high-low silhouette. If your dress wasn’t stark white, you can keep it as your go-to dress to wear to weddings in the future. You can also turn the tulle into a skirt.

7. Splatter your gown with faux blood to turn it into a spooky Halloween costume. A dead bride or a zombie bride is the perfect getup for the scariest night of the year!

8. Don’t want to get rid of your gown or can’t bear watching it take on a new form? Throw an annual Wedding Dress Party with your married friends. Dress up in your wedding best, get together with the girls and enjoy lunch or dinner in one of your homes. Make it a co-ed get-together by having the grooms don their tuxedos, too. You’ll get more use out of the gown without saying “goodbye” or watching it get torn to shreds.


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