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8 Moving Hacks that Save Time and Money


Moving to a new home can be time consuming and costly. It can be hard to move when you don’t have the resources, the right transportation trucks, and a large amount of people to help. Use these eight simple moving hacks to save you time and money. The key is to give all eight of these a shot, and you’ll definitely have a more exciting time.

8 Moving Hacks that Save Time and Money

– Ask Friends For Help

When your moving everything, ask a few friends to come and help bring your stuff from the house to the truck. It’ll help you avoid hiring movers if you want to save money in the process.

– Pack That Truck Like Tetris

Make sure you organize those boxes and the sizes to fit into whatever cr you’re using to travel from your place to the new home. To avoid it getting too full, just organizing the entire area can help ensure everything fits.

– Hire Small Business Movers

Saving money is hard when you hire expensive and highly sought after movers. Consider hiring a small time business that specializes in moving. Usually they have cheaper services and are much easier to work with.

Rent Boxes

There are many companies that actually rent boxes out. It’s an easy way to go green, save money on buying boxes, and also make sure that all the boxes are sturdy.

– Little By Little

You can also work on doing this technique where you transfer things day by day. If you don’t want to find a huge truck and hire movers, you can transfer everything yourself day after day, and then save the bigger items on the final day when you borrow another person’s can or truck to help transfer them. This could take a week or more if you need to.

– Suitcases For Books

Try putting your clothes in plastic bags for easy storage and transferring while your books and other small tiny items are put in suitcases. This makes it easier to move those items without having to actually carry them.

– Storage

Put everything int a storage bin. It makes it easier during the unloading to the new home since you only need to put it in a storage and you don’t need to put the items anywhere. Just grab them throughout the following months.

– Color Coding

You don’t have to use a Sharpie marker if you don’t want to. Grab different colors of tape, and use that as your symbol for differentiating the boxes. The blue tape could be from one kid’s room, purple could be stuff from the garage, and you could do whatever you feel fits best for when you’re color coordinating everything from the house.

These moving hacks are simple, easy to do, and are fun to complete. You’ll accomplish packing and moving to your new place in no time. Moving is much easier when you use these eight simple hacks that help you save time and money.

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