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7 Small Office Products that are Commonly Forgotten


Having a nice office does not always mean having the best decor and the fanciest electronics. Sometimes, it just comes down to having the right small office supplies. Here are seven small office supplies that you might have missed when shopping for your desk tools.

1. Post-it notes

With computers, smartphones and tablets, sending quick emails, memos and instant messages is super easy. People hardly write notes anymore! But in some cases, jotting something down by hand is absolutely necessary, and it can also be much quicker than the electronic note. In addition, Post-its are lovably sticky, so you can always put them somewhere you know you’ll see them.

2. Cable clips and sorters

Most offices have a lot of cables in them. From the cables you need for your computer to those that go to your modem, fax machine, copier and mini fridge, these things are everywhere, and they’re usually in a huge tangle behind your desk. No one wants that. Use cable clips and binders and sorters to help make this cable mess a little more organized.

3. Mouse pads

Most people with laptops don’t need mouses, so they’ve of course done away with the need for mouse pads. But if you have a desktop computer, pads are must-haves because they ease the use of the laser in your mouse. Plus, they make great coasters when you’re in a bind with your coffee mug or glass of water.

4. Handheld staple removers

If you’re someone who sees a lot of paper and paper packets passed over your desktop, there might be need for this handy little tool. Sure, staples don’t need to be removed too often. But if you’ve ever had to do it by hand, we can bet that you wished you had one of these babies.

5. An over the waste basket paper shredder

Unless you’re someone who deals daily with sensitive papers that need shredding, you probably only need a small, over the waste basket shredder to get rid of certain documents that you don’t want to be found. These can be purchased for a small sum and do a load of good in terms of quickening office efficiency.

6. A mirror

Okay, this isn’t exactly an office accessory or product. But having a mirror at your desk is a must-have even though many people don’t do it. What if you’re boss emails you to tell you that he’ll be at your desk or cubicle in one minute and you’ve just been chomping on a candy bar? What if your contact pops out mid Skype? There are a lot of reasons to have a mirror on hand.

7. Highlighters

Again, most everyone writes and sends and takes notes on technological devices nowadays, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t call for the occasional highlighting session. You might need one of these handy gadgets to highlight notes in a book or emphasize a to-do list. For whatever the reason, they come in handy!

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