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7 Marketing Trends to Expect in 2016


The field of marketing is always evolving. Every year marketers get to focus on new things they did not focus on the previous year. This has made the industry an extremely explosive one and also a very complex one. Every year, marketers have to grapple with the dynamics of competition, design new marketing strategies that are appealing to new markets and figure out how their company will remain relevant. Therefore, it is prudent that marketers and business organizations find a way to determine what the future has in store for the industries they operate in. To help marketers be aware of what the future holds we will be looking at some of the top marketing trends experts expect to dominate the year 2016.

Forbes have mentioned some of the marketing trends that businesses and industries have to pay attention to as they usher in the new year 2016. They include:
1. Reigning of video adverts

We are not strangers to the world of video advertisements. There are so many social media websites that offer business and marketers a platform to do video advertisement. The fact that there are so many companies that have ventured into this form of advertisement has created an opportunity for more companies to offer video hosting services due to the high demand. In 2016, we expect to see some companies try to have a bite of this huge pie. Google is one company that is hoping to have a share of this industry with their new in-SERP video advertising platform.

2. Increased mobile adverting

In 2015, ten different countries reported that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic. This means that people have slowly been shifting to using their mobile phones than their computers. Therefore, more companies will begin to focus on mobile advertising from next year.

3. Consumers will be information driven

In 2016, many companies will have to invest a lot in their content and their content strategy. This is important as consumers want to be informed about the product or service before they purchase it. Gone are the days when customers would settle for word of mouth.

4. Better methods for distributing information

Although information is key, it is useless if it is not in the correct hands. In 2016, more marketers will focus on ways to distribute and inflate content in an attempt to differentiate their brand from the rest.

Apart from these trends that Forbes has listed, there are others predicted by HubSpot Blogs  adding on to the list of trends. They include:

5. Relationship marketing

Many companies will want to take advantage of the growing number of mobile users in the world. In 2016, more companies will want to connect to their customers as well as prospective customers hence spurring relationship marketing.

6. Location-Based Marketing Technology

Many companies in 2016 are going to invest in this form of interactive technology that will enable them lead their customers to stores that are nearby. This technology will also be used to offer information about the brands.

7. Virtual reality

The way marketers engage consumers is set to change thanks to virtual reality technology. This will create an avenue that will allow marketers to become more personal with their customers and tell their stories in 360 degrees.

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