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6 Ways to Incorporate Antiques Throughout Your Home


A homeowner who has beautiful antiques should not keep them hidden in the attic. Most antiques are actually not fragile, which is one reason why they are antiques in the first place. Though they may need to be kept out of the way of marauding pets and children, there is no reason why antiques can’t be incorporated into the decor of the home. Here are six ways to do so:

1. Hang Them on the Wall
A wall that no one knows what to do with can be an excellent place to display antiques, whether they be old posters or weather vanes scavenged from old barns. Since antiques are deemed to be over 100 years old, they can now easily include old family photos. The stories behind these photos are no doubt fascinating, and they let the kids learn about family history. Other antiques that would look good on the wall are old paintings and mirrors such as a lovely bull’s eye mirror from the 19th century.

2. Put Them on Bookshelves
That empty place on the bookshelf is just the thing for the repurposed silver hood ornament from a long ago Rolls Royce, an old jug from a great grandparents’ farm or yet another framed antique photo. The books don’t have to be antiques, but it is a lovely touch if some of them are.

3. Arrange Them on the Mantelpiece
A mantelpiece is an excellent place to put a lovely collection of antiques. These can include everything from a collection of silver knick-knacks to hand carved wooden animals to colorful glassware or ceramics.

4. Repurpose Them
Some homeowners may be horrified by the idea of turning Aunt Maisie’s French bombé commode into a bathroom vanity, but others have no problem repurposing their antiques. A beautiful piece of furniture found where a visitor least expects it makes a statement.

5. Use Them
If the homeowner has inherited a set of German drinking glasses from 1869, there’s no reason not to use them if they are still in good shape. The same goes for the rest of the dinner service, including dinner plates, tureens, serving platters and silverware. Don’t forget to set out the pewter or Butler’s silver candleholders during formal dinner parties either, or play that lovely satinwood piano with its beautiful carvings.

6. Arrange Collections on Mirrored Trays and Lamp Tables
collection of antique porcelain pin or snuff boxes on a mirrored tray adds beauty and wonder to a dressing table in the bedroom, boudoir or bathroom. A collection of World War I medals or a bowl of Chinese export porcelain filled with polished stone eggs on a lamp table or sofa table will always be the focal point of a room.

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