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6 Tips for Getting the Best Full Body Workout


Recomposition refers to changing the way the human body looks thanks to a serious workout routine. Fat decreases while muscle and strength grow. The end result can be a transformed physique. In order to get the best results, performing full body workout routines should be the focus of gym time. Unfortunately, people with limited knowledge about exercise can make a host of mistakes through choosing the wrong exercises and planning incorrect workout programs. The following six tips just might help improve the outcome of a full body workout.

1.) Focus mostly on compound movements.

Isolation movements target a single muscle group and can help improve lagging areas. They do play a role in full body workouts, but they shouldn’t be overemphasized. Compound movements must be the most prominent exercises chosen since they hit several muscles. A lat pulldown, for example, hits the back, biceps, and shoulders. Performing more compound movements means building up more muscles.

2.) Don’t neglect the lower body.

People tend to fixate on “show muscles” of the upper body. They invest a lot of time working on their arms and shoulders while ignoring the legs and calves. You positively can’t maximize a full body workout without hitting the entire body. Ignoring half of your muscles won’t lead to great results.

3.) Check out established “old school” full body routines.

In the 1940’s through the early 1960’s, legendary bodybuilders focused on “three days a week” programs the stressed full body compound movements. The routines were very simple and still delivered excellent results. Over the years, advanced split-training and other routines emerged. They aren’t necessarily better. Sometimes, the “old school” approach works best.

4.) Work on improving strength.

Lifting moderate amounts of weight for 10 repetitions is fine. Bodybuilders employ this approach all the time. However, a switch to heavier weight at lower reps could stimulate lagging muscles to grow. Just be sure not to load up on too much weight. Trying to lift too much might cause an injury.

5.) Eat a proper amount of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates suffer from an unfortunate bad reputation. Yes, eating too many carbs or eating the wrong carbs can lead to packing on unwanted fat. The right carbohydrates, however, deliver much-needed energy for workouts. Without a decent amount of fuel from carbs, muscular endurance lags. Hitting a full body workout won’t exactly be easy when the muscles become too weak to perform a decent lift.

6.) Plan a multi-week workout program.

Rushing to accomplish a particular outcome in the gym won’t usually lead to results. Instead, plan out a 12-week program and stick with it. Consistent training over several weeks combined with patient won’t likely disappoint.

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