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6 Outdoor Products to Protect Yourself From the Sun


One of the most dependable parts of Mother Nature is the sun. Even though the weather will change and/or be uncertain, the sun will always come out every single day. Even if it is a cloudy day, the sun is still out. Interestingly enough, as much as it provides light during the day, its rays can prove to be dangerous for the skin. Yes, the sun is a great source of Vitamin D, but it is still important to remember its link to skin cancer. People who frequently sunbathe and go out with unprotected skin have a higher chance of developing melanomas and skin cancers. Knowing this, it is very important to protect the skin as much as possible. Consider purchasing one of these six different outdoor products in which to help protect your skin and avoid deadly cancers.

Hat with a brim of three inches

Hats are often known for their ability to create a fashion statement. While it is always nice to infuse a little style into the wardrobe, there are times when fashion is incredibly functional. It doesn’t get much more functional than a hat with a brim. Wearing a hat with a brim of three inches protects the face, eyes and neck from experiencing unnecessary skin damage. A baseball cap won’t cut it alone. It is important to try something with a wide brim all the way around the head. Additionally, avoid straw hats. Straw hats have holes and completely defeat the purpose as the sun will pierce right through those holes.

Sunscreen with UVA or Broad Spectrum protection 

Putting on sunscreen should be common knowledge, but surprisingly, there are people who still don’t understand the need to wear high sunscreen protection all year round. Even from millions of miles away, the sun’s rays are incredibly powerful. Just because it isn’t warm outside anymore doesn’t mean sunscreen isn’t necessary. It’s not just for the beach.

Parasol or umbrella

Many people see parasols and umbrellas on the beach or on old television shows. There aren’t many people who walk around the streets with them. However, these tools not only protect from the rain. They also provide a great amount of shade from the sun and they protect the skin tremendously. If it is hard to find a hat that goes with every outfit, a parasol or umbrella don’t need to match and will still do the job of protecting the skin.

Use a Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings are a perfect way for you to be able to control the amount of sun that you get. Blocking sunlight the moment you need it along with the UV rays and glare, you are able to enjoy your patio or deck in comfort. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they can help burst the curb appeal for your home.
Proper Clothing

Clothing is a great barrier between the skin and sun. As the warmer months come, more people get tempted to wear less. Actually, it is better to wear looser fabrics to stay cool and protect the skin from sunburn. There is a test to help anyone out with deciding which clothes to choose. Take a simple t-shirt. Place a hand on the inside of the shirt. Place the hand and the shirt up the light. If the hand is visible through the shirt when the light shines on it, it is not a good choice and the sun will shine right through.



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