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5 Ways to Improve your ACT Score


If you’re planning on applying to college, you’ll need to take a standardized test, either the ACT or the SAT. Some students opt to take both tests. If you’re going to be taking the ACT, here are five ways to improve your score.

1. According to The Princeton Review, there are one of three reasons why your sample test scores aren’t as high as you want them to be: you’re being careless, you’re crunched for time or you simply don’t know the answers. Determine the biggest roadblock and work on fixing it.

2. Consider taking an ACT prep class. If you can take it before your first test, that’s great, but at the very least, take it before you take the ACT for the second time. Some classes focus on the content of the ACT while others prep students with test taking skills. You may also be able to find a class that takes both content and test taking skills into consideration. Determine your weak areas and find a class that will address them.

3. According to USNews.com, one of the best things you can do when taking the ACT is relax. If you’ve taken the ACT once before, you’re better prepared this time around and know what to expect. If this is your first time taking the ACT, prepare ahead of time by taking a lot of timed practice tests. You’ll know what to expect when you sit down for the real thing.

4. Examine the first ACT you took to see which sections you’re scoring the lowest in. The ACT score has a breakdown of the scores in each section, as well as an overall score. Talk with a teacher or tutor to come up with a plan for improving your score in your weak sections.

5. If you’ve already taken the ACT in the past and you’re preparing to take it a second time, check out the college’s requirements ahead of time. Some colleges don’t require the writing portion, which comes at the end of the ACT. You may want to put all of your energy into the other sections at the test and not worry about prepping for the writing section if your college doesn’t require it.

Every aspect of your college application is important, from your letters of recommendation and essay to your GPA and test scores. If you want the best chance of getting into the college of your dreams, make sure your ACT scores are as high as they can be. Not only will your ACT score help you get into the college you have your eye on it, but it also plays a factor in the financial aid that you qualify for.


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