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5 Ways to Be Fashionable and Comfortable


You can appreciate a good fashionista with the best of them, but you’re way more at home in gym clothes than professional wear. You’re searching for a balance between being yourself and being chic. Not to worry, these five tips will have you comfortably stylish in no time.

1. Layers are Your Friend

Layers help you to stay ready for any occasion or type of weather. Rather than a sweater, consider layering a tee or tank under a blazer for a casual, polished look. Scarves, tissue weight shirts, and longer length cardigans are all helpful for adding color and texture to an outfit. In warm weather, you’re not going to want to layer a bunch of material on your body. Jewelry layers just as well. Stacking necklaces, bracelets, and rings can help to add interest to an outfit without kicking up your body temp. Even different headbands can be combined to create new, exciting pairings that help to switch things up.

2. Ditch the Pants

Leggings are perfect for layering under skirts and dresses, and you’ll have even more mobility and freedom than you would in a pair of pants. Not a dress kind of person? Long, tunic-style layers work just as well. Pair with comfy shoes and you’re off and running. The best part about leggings is the breadth of different patterns and solids. Your personality might dictate whether you go for classic black, faux leather, bold floral, or quirky abstract. Each option is perfect for a slightly different, fashion-forward look. In cold weather, pair your leggings with cute high socks or leg warmers for a vintage vibe.

3. Get the Shoes Right

Flats, chunky platform heels, and wedges are all perfect options for cute, comfy shoes. Carry a few bandages with you for the backs of ankles while you’re breaking in a new pair. After that, you’ll be set to go. A thicker heel lets weight distribute more widely across the back of the foot, which results in less stress and more comfort throughout the day.

4. Monochromatic

Styling yourself in head to toe black is always a classic look. The color is figure-flattering, neutral, and the perfect canvas for any of your favorite accessories. Statement necklaces, bangle bracelets, and chandelier earrings all pop against a black background. Let your favorite bold shoes bring this outfit to life.

5. Red Lip

A bold, bright red lip is another classic touch that draws attention straight to your face. Find a tone of red that works with your skin, and let it work its magic.

When all is said and done, the key to comfortable fashion is that less is more. Layers, leggings, shoes, monochromatic style, and a red lip will send you on your way to being a chic, comfy fashionista.

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