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5 Ways Custom Fishing Equipment can Raise the Bar


Skillful fishing gear makes the catch more fun
There’s nothing like sitting on a bucket at your favorite fishing-hole waiting for a bite. The reel line you cast doesn’t move from the water spot where it landed. After a half hour, you cast again. Then, you cast again. After casting one more time you look at the reel and wonder, “Is it the fish, the rod or me?”

Using the right kind of fishing gear can make or break the buckets of flounder, trout, spots and hog fish you take home. Custom-made wooden fishing rods have always been a popular fishing tool while standing on bridges, lakes and ponds. There are plenty of methods to catch fish. Start by tying a crystal olive wooly bugger to the end of your line. The trout will start jumping.

How about an ice jig made from solder. Jigs come in all shapes, sizes and colors to fit fish and the fisherman or fisherwoman. Woody Bug lures are made with a deer’s buck tail. These tantalizing lures draw catfish or any type of fish like a magnet.

The open water fishing rods are made from black walnut, allowing the user to turn the handle on a lathe. To learn more about fishing gear read the Chicago Tribune article Manes: Make of fishing gear finds little things are most important.
A PURSE-SEINING IN net surrounds coveted Atlantic Bluefin tuna to quickly enclose them and prevent their escape. The nets contain buoys and weights to move in for the catch. Just one pull on a line and the net closes around the fish. The Japanese fishing technique of industrial long lining, which uses thousands of baited hooks. Light weight strong polymers spun into drift nets can be used to catch fish for hundreds of miles. A three-pronged grappling hook takes fishing to the next level, and if you’re not careful your leg as well. Fish harpooning, although seemingly ancient is still a popular fishing tool in some parts of the world. The harpoon is used like a javelin to stab fish and lift them from the water with a net. To learn more about fishing gear read The New York Times magazine article Tuna’s End.
Fishing continues to make its debut to younger generations nationally and internationally. It is a favorite pastime that will enthrall children for generations as parents teach them the art of skillfully catching their first fish – hook, line and sinker.

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