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5 Problems With Trying to Exercise on Your Own Instead of a Class


We all want to live a long and healthy life. Along with diet, exercise is one of the keys. If you are someone who thinks you don’t need a class to get fit, read on for some common mistakes that people make when trying to exercise on their own instead of taking a class.

1. Doing it wrong
Working out in a class will give you an instructor to tell you if you are doing the exercise properly for the maximum benefit. The results of working out improperly can result in not getting the healthy benefits you are striving for. Worst case scenario can include actually causing damage to your body to the point where you need hospital attention.

2. You don’t warm-up/cool-down properly
A proper workout includes warming up your muscles to help prevent injury and a cool-down period that allows your breathing and heart rate to slowly come back to normal. Click here for more detailed information on why a cool down period is important.

3. You don’t have the financial motivation to follow through
If you are financially invested in a class, you have additional motivation to actually go and you will be less inclined to either cut out early or skip the class altogether.

4. You lose the social aspect of a class
The “we’re all in this together” mentality of a class is wonderfully encouraging and fun! Other people in your class probably have similar health goals and issues. You may have things in common with this group, and you just might make new friends and even find a new workout buddy.

5. Working out in a class helps you to up your game
Working out with other people motivates you to try harder and work out longer. When you are in a class setting and you see other people accomplishing the task, it motivates you to try harder so you can succeed as well. When you work out by yourself, it’s easy to quit when you get tired. Working out in a class setting motivates you to complete the class whether you are tired or not.

While going to a class to exercise may seem inconvenient, there are many more advantages to going to a group exercise class instead of just working out on your own. The best scenario would be to mix a class with solo workouts if you have the time to get the best of both worlds. Whether you attend a class or work out on your own, the most important thing is to get out there and exercise whenever you can!

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