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5 Important Questions to Ask Before Your Plastic Surgery


Each year, millions of people decide to have plastic surgery to enhance some aspect of their face or body. If you are thinking about going in for plastic surgery, then you should take time to ask your plastic surgeon any questions you may have and these five commonly asked questions.

Are You Board Certified?

Before going ahead with the operation or procedure, you need to take the time to make sure the actual surgeon who will be performing the procedure is certified by the American Medical Association. If the surgeon who will be performing the surgery is not certified, you may want to choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified. Not every doctor who performs plastic surgery is board certified, so it is always important to ask this question.

Can You Tell Me About The Procedure or Operation?

In addition to asking your surgeon whether he or she is board certified, you want to take the time to ask about the actual procedure or operation. How long is the procedure? Will you need general or local anesthesia? Where will the procedure be performed? Who will be present i n the room? What safeguards do they have in place if there is an emergency? In addition to asking these commonly asked questions, you also want to ask about the risks as well. Your plastic surgeon should be able to provide full details on the operation or procedure. If he is unable to provide this information, then you should consider consulting with another plastic surgeon.

Are There Other Surgical or Non-Surgical Options?

Before proceeding to have plastic surgery, you want to also ask your plastic surgeon about all of the latest advancements and options you may have. Each year, new equipment and techniques are developed. You want to make certain that your plastic surgeon is using the latest equipment and techniques that are available on the market. In addition, you want to make certain you take the time to ask about all of your surgical options as well. Are there any minimally invasive tehcniques that will help you get the same or better results?

What Are Your Success Rates?

In addition to learning more about the risks and downtime, you also want to ask about success rates. Specifically, you should take the time to find out how often your surgeon performs the operation or procedure you are considering. In addition, you want to ask about his or her success rates. Although the outcome can be different for every patient, plastic surgeons who are board certified have a track record and will be willing to discuss their success rates with patients.

How Long is The Recovery Process

In addition to asking about the actual procedure and operation, you want to ask your plastic surgeon about the recovery process. How long will you take to heal? When can you go back to work? How long is the recovery process? What will you be able to eat? What kind of complications can arise after the surgery?

No matter what type of plastic surgery you are interest in, it is important to talk to your plastic surgeon and ask 5 important questions discussed briefly above.

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