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5 Helpful Tips for Filing a Roof Repair Claim


Roofs are one of the most commonly damaged parts of a home. From high winds to falling trees, a lot of different things can cause damage to a roof. When roof damage occurs, a homeowner will need to be ready to deal with his or her insurance company and a repair contractor in order for the insurance claim to process smoothly.

Report Damage Quickly

With roof damage, time is very important. A damaged roof will allow moisture to enter the home which can cause a lot of damage in a small amount of time. When a roof has been damaged, a homeowner needs to call his or her insurance company and make a report as soon as possible. This is especially important when the damage is due to a widespread storm that is likely to have damaged a large number of homes creating a lot of damage for the insurance companies to assess.

Photograph Damage

When a roof is damaged by a storm or some other event, it is important for a homeowner to take photographs of the damage as soon as possible. Photographs provide an accurate record of the damage that has occurred and can be used by the homeowner to settle disputes with the insurance company. Homeowners need to use care when photographing roof damage to make certain that the area is safe from electrical wires, falling debris and other hazards.

Make Only Necessary Repairs

In many cases, it will take days for an insurance appraiser to visit a home, particularly after a major storm has passed through the area. Insurance companies understand that homeowners need to take emergency repair steps to protect the home. However, homeowners should only perform the most basic repairs to protect the house. For example, a damaged shingle roof could be covered with tarps to keep as much rain out of the home as possible. Homeowners should not take significant repair steps as the repairs will make it difficult for the insurance company to see the original damage and repairs may reduce the amount of compensation that a homeowner will receive.

Don’t Sign Under Pressure

The insurance claim process can be a daunting one. Both insurance companies and repair companies will want to move fast to take care of the damage. However, homeowners need to take their time to carefully read all documents before signing. This is especially true when dealing with repair contractors. Homeowners will want to get multiple estimates and compare offers before agreeing to have any work completed.

Prepare for the Deductible

In many cases, insurance companies will not pay out for an insurance claim until the deductible has been met. After a roof has been damaged, a homeowner needs to determine the amount of his or her deductible which is found on the insurance policy documents. The homeowner will then need to take action to have the money available to pay the deductible. If the homeowner does not have the money available, he or she may need to contact a bank or credit union about acquiring a loan to pay the costs of the deductible.

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