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5 Essential Packing Items You Need for Any Move


In addition to boxes, tape, a good marking pen and bubble wrap, you may need to stock up on some patience. Moving can really get on your nerves. In an effort to make your move more tolerable, below are listed five suggestions that can help you maintain some sanity in your household.

When You Don’t Know Your Moving Date

If your move is pending but not set in stone, consider renting a storage unit. If you have space, get a personal storage pod for your home. In this unit, you can easily store off-season items such as Christmas decorations and winter clothes. This will make your house easier to show and help it to sell faster.

When You’re Moving In Six Weeks Or Less

Get a large suitcase for every member of the family. In that suitcase, pack a towel, a set of bedding, fresh pajamas, a change of clothes, and any necessary toiletries. This will save you a great deal of work and heartache once you’re settled in your new place. No matter what troubles arise in your moving process, everyone in the household will be able to bathe, put on clean clothes and have somewhere to sleep on their first night in your new house.

Moving Day Is A Month Away!

Since you’ve been collecting boxes forever, pull out the large, oddly shaped boxes and empty your linen cabinets. Pull all artwork off the walls and wrap photos and framed art in towels, sheets and duvets. You’ll be less likely to suffer breakage and save money on bubble wrap as well.

Two Weeks To Go? Really?

Get busy coloring. Any children in the household will enjoy this as well. Make sure that each room has its own color and that each box has a sticky dot or a dab of paint marker in that shade on each side of the box. That way, no matter how things go into the moving truck, they’ll be easy to sort out as you unload. It will save you from dealing with the giant mystery Rubik’s cube that occurs when boxes get dropped off in one area.

One Week Left!

Allow everyone in the household one drawer and empty out all closets. Save only the outfits you have to have for work or school and pack everything else. If you prefer to keep things on hangers, wrap a cluster of hanging clothes in a large, heavy duty trash bag and zip tie the bag closed, bundling the handles together. They’ll be easy to carry and a breeze to unpack.

Pamper Yourself

Order take-out. Buy paper plates and plastic utensils. If people offer to help, ask them to feed your kids. Your normal routine is going to be disrupted, so don’t turn yourself inside out trying to live as though things aren’t jumbled. Give yourself a break, get moved, and enjoy your new home.

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