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5 Clever Tricks for Year-Round Lighting


Christmas lights are a beautiful and economical way to decorate your home and yard for the holidays. However, many homeowners are choosing to use lighting all-year round to spruce up their home décor.

Lights for home decorating come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures to compliment any home or yard. LED lights are more efficient to use than conventional lights and are more eco-friendly, making them a good choice. LED lights come in different styles including:

  • Christmas Lights
  • Cascade and Snow Lights
  • Icicle Lights
  • Mini Lights
  • Net Lights
  • Rope Lights
  • Twinkle Lights

Here are some smart ways to use seasonal lighting in your home all year.

1. Outdoor Dining Areas

Restaurants that have outdoor seating areas have found that a good way to entice customers is to use LED lights to create a warm atmosphere. You can create a cozy space for outdoor dining areas on your deck or patio by stringing lights around the branches of potted trees. Small, net lights over shrubs and bushes offer more light than a standard spotlight. Fairy lights are a good choice since they give the area a cozy ambience.

2. Add Atmosphere With Icicle Lights

A feature of lodges and cabins nestled in the mountains overlooking the village of Ruidoso, New Mexico is the icicle lights that hang from the eaves of the log cabins all-year-round. If you have a home in the mountains or at the lake, string icicle lights along the eaves of your home for a pleasant appearance.

3. Decorate An Empty Space

Transform a dark hallway or foyer with lighting. A long hallway with clear lights that coordinate with your decor along one wall lights the way at night. Create a dramatic new look for your entryway with a large mirror outlined in lights. The mirror creates the illusion of more space, and the foyer offers a warm welcome to guests.

4. Make the Most of Your Solarium

A lot of homeowners use their solarium in the warm months, but don’t use it as a living space all year. Consider rope lights or fairy lights along the ceiling of the room to provide soft lighting at night. The lights can coordinate with the decor of the room. Small, white lights are another option to add sparkle to the room.

5. A Garden Showpiece

Even during the coldest days of winter, your garden can look inviting when you string solar fairy lights around your garden wall or border. Pastel or deep vibrant colors in the shape of flowers and stars are lovely choices. You can string the lights around an arbor or fence, or decorate tree trunks.

When you enhance your home with LED lighting, there are unlimited ways to express your creativity.

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