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4 Reasons your Antenna Needs Seasonal Maintenance


Nothing is worse than your TV suddenly displaying static while you are in the middle of watching your favorite television show. However, if you fail to properly maintain your antenna, this is exactly what can happen to you. It is important to inspect the antenna and the area around it seasonally. Here are four things you should be looking for as you inspect and maintain your antenna.

Overgrown Branches Can Interfere with Your Signal
A very common reason why you may not receive a good signal with your antenna is because you have overgrown trees or plants interfering. Taking the time to prune trees back can help to instantly improve your signal and help ensure your antenna has a full lifespan. Learn more about your trees growing patterns to determine when they should be pruned.

Check and Tighten Lose Connections on the Antenna
Freezing temperatures can cause connections on your antenna to become lose. Make sure you check the bolts that may have become lose and tighten them as needed. This should be done in spring, after cold winter months. Freezing temperatures and ice can cause metal to contracts, which loosens the bolts. This is why they should be tightened in spring

Check Out all the Antenna Wires
Inspecting your antenna wires after warm months helps you know when wires need to be replaced. Heat and sunlight can cause the wires to wear out and fall apart. when water, ice or snow hits these damaged wires, it can cause a short and the antenna may stop working. Checking these wires in fall helps ensure that this does not happen and gives you time to replace any damaged wires before that occurs.

Inspect the Brackets and Mounts Holding Your Antenna in Place
When spring is here, check the brackets and mounts that are holding your antenna in place. Freezing temperatures can cause the mounts to pull away from the house and rain can cause them to rust. To ensure that you get a strong signal and maintain it, make sure the hardware is properly mounting your antenna in place or your signal will go out with a slight breeze.

Properly maintaining your antenna helps to ensure it will always work when it should. Cutting back overgrown branches that can interfere with the signal, checking for loose connections, inspecting the wires, and looking at the brackets and mounts on the antenna are a few of the things you should be doing seasonally to keep your antenna in tip-top shape.

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