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4 Innovative Ways to Care For Your Lawn During Winter


When winter cold begins settling in daily and the days shorten, a lot of home owners incorrectly assume their yard work responsibilities are over for the year. Of course, they are wrong. Winter is a prime time to prepare for the next season of growth and renewal. Here are four tips to help you care for your lawn during the winter.

Clean and Remove Leaves

The length of time for the sun during the day is limited during winter. Also, dead debris and leaves hinder your lawn from taking in those rays, which leaves behind brown spots. When you rake your leaves frequently, you are making sure the grass gets sunlight even during the dormant growth seasons. Remove the debris frequently, and make sure you rake your yard often to keep the lawn as exposed to the sun as possible.

Trim Edges and Shrubs

It may seem like a waste of time to groom your shrubs and hedges during winter, which produces little to no growth, but if you prune them during winter, you are promoting quicker, fuller growth during the spring season. By pruning regularly, you are providing stimulation for flowers to grow. Also, your pruning will encourage new growth in a desired direction. When you prune your trees, never forget to remove the dead, damaged and diseased areas. Finally, remove defective branching.  Home and Garden Television has a section on how to correctly prune a number of different plants and shrubs.

Put Fruit-Bearing Plants in Your Yard

Winter makes everything either picturesque during a fresh snow or a dead grey color. However, you can spruce up the appearance of your yard by adding various plants that bear fruit. According to Fine Gardening, there are several options to do so. Berries are especially tenacious during the winter months, and they can add holiday colors depending on what you settle on. For example, winterberry would be both a decorative and native addition. Also, it is a member of the Holly family and is easy to obtain and grows throughout the Midwest.

Lower the Height of Your Mower

When you are doing your final mowing of the year, whether it is once or a handful of times, be sure and lower the height on your mower by approximately one inch. If you leave your grass too long in the winter, you can damage your lawn because of the frequent freezing and thawing that occurs during the colder months. This will probably go against your instincts though, but longer grass is vulnerable during winter’s harsh climate to suffocation.

Winter may not be associated with a thriving, green yard, but proper care during the cold months can help provide one. Follow these tips, and you will see a noticeable improvement in your lawn during the spring and summer. Do not wait too long though, or you will be researching ways to fix lawn damage caused by neglect during the winter.

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