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4 Benefits of Owning an Automatic Pool Cover


If you own a pool in your backyard or even inside your home, you already know what a great investment it is. Having a pool where you can go to get some exercise, cool off or just relax is a blessing for any type of family.

Even though the benefits of having a pool far outweigh the work, frustrations and minor annoyances of having one, there are still these latter things. With a pool, you need to constantly be cleaning it out with a skimmer and adding chemicals to make sure that algae doesn’t start to form.

In addition, you need to be putting the cover on every night and even during the day when you aren’t going to be using the pool. This can be a lot of work, but there’s something that can help, and you likely already know what it is.

An automatic pool cover is a device that splays the cover out over your pool for you. And it even retracts the pool cover for you as well. Both movements can be done with just the push of a button.

1. Moving a pool cover on and off the pool by hand is hard work.

Without an automatic pool cover, putting the pool cover on is actually tough work. If you are with another person or even three more people, it can be slightly easier. But that takes a lot of navigating, and what if you want to take a quick dip alone? If you have an automatic pool cover, you can quickly take off the pool cover, get in for a swim and put the pool cover back on without breaking a sweat.

2. They allow for better heat trapping and protection against debris and animals.

Next, having an automatic pool cover allows you to protect your pool better against falling leaves, twigs and other debris, and it helps trap in heat to keep your pool warm. The reason is because it’s simply more likely that you are going to put the pool cover on when you have an automatic pool cover and it’s easy.

3. They allow just one person to easily remove the pool cover.

Normally, it’s best to have two people remove the pool cover or put the pool cover on the pool. With an automatic pool cover, it’s done with just the press of a button, so anyone can do it by themselves.

4. They’re an inexpensive investment.

Finally, automatic pool covers are inexpensive. With all the good they can do for your pool life at home, they do not cost a lot of money to purchase. They also last for years. This makes them a sound investment. Automatic pool covers can be purchased at pool supply stores or on the Internet.

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