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3D Glasses: What to Expect in the Future


What Should Consumers Expect In The Future For 3D Glasses?
Movie theaters have experimented with 3D technologies for decades. In 2009, Avatar hit movie theaters and expanded the popularity of 3D technology. Companies immediately jumped onto the 3D bandwagon in an attempt to profit from its popularity. The film industry continues to pump out films with this technology regularly. Likewise, television manufacturers continue to release 3D televisions.

3D Glasses Required To Display 3D Effects

To produce these effects, movies and televisions rely upon specialized hardware, including 3D glasses. Such glasses haven’t changed much in the past few years. Many consumers wonder about the future of 3D glasses nonetheless. Chances are high that these specialized glasses will cease to exist in the coming years. Currently, companies are working on 3D effects that don’t require glasses to experience.

Current Examples of 3D Hardware, No Glasses Required

Nintendo released its handheld 3DS in 2011, and the unit displays 3D without glasses. The effect isn’t perfect and could use some improvement. Recently, Samsung unveiled a gigantic television that displays 3D images without the need for glasses. This television displays 8K resolution content in 2D and 3D. Both of these examples show that 3D glasses could become irrelevant in the near future with improvements.

One Major Barrier For Glassesless 3D Moving Forward: Clarity

Without 3D glasses, this technology faces a tough obstacle moving forward. Image quality is dramatically reduced by most glassesless 3D televisions. People are used to constantly improving screen resolutions. For that reason, not everyone would be willing to take a step back in quality for the sake of experiencing 3D without glasses. Manufacturers must overcome this obstacle sooner rather than later.

Will theaters ever ditch 3D glasses?

Most theaters feature 3D films, and 3D glasses are required to see the effect. Perhaps theaters will never ditch 3D glasses. To produce 3D visuals without glasses, theaters would have to invest millions in special screens and projectors. That’s an inconvenient and unnecessary expense, considering 3D technology is available with glasses. It’s safe to say the glasses aren’t disappearing anytime soon here.

Manufacturers and Filmmakers Continue To Push 3D

3D movies continue to be released in theaters in large amounts. Also, television companies continue to produce 3D televisions with and without 3D glasses. Businesses keep pushing this technology, even though consumers have been slow to adopt it. Even moviegoers have started to see 3D as a gimmick rather than something that makes a film enticing. Still, 3D is remaining a mainstream thing, whether consumers care or not.

3D Glasses: Timeless Or On Their Way Out?

In the end, 3D glasses for viewing 3D content won’t disappear yet. Companies have to solve the quality issue of glassesless 3D systems first. Only then will 3D glasses become unnecessary to view high-quality, clear content. For now, it seems as though these simple glasses are permanent fixtures in theaters and at home.

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