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3 Things to Know When Purchasing Cigars in Bulk


Purchasing cigars in bulk is the best way to get the lowest prices on your favorite stogies. Before you place a bulk cigar order, there are three things you should know to get the best value and enjoyment from your purchase.

Bulk Doesn’t Always Mean Cheap

Your favorite inexpensive cigars such as Quorum, Don Tomas and Oliva Factory Seconds are often sold in bulk, but so are premium favorites from top brands like Ashton, Arturo Fuente and Rocky Patel. In fact, if you’re willing to break US law and buy from a company outside the United States, you can buy bulk Cuban cigars.

The caution here is against saying, “I’m buying in bulk, they’re probably affordable.” They’ll be more affordable than if you were to buy singles or five-packs of the same labels, but might still cost $4 to $12 per stick based on their standard cost. Check the price, and shop around a bit to find the most affordable options.

You’re About to Have a Lot of Cigars on your Hands

Bulk cigar packages may contain as few as 20 cigars, though the term often refers to higher quantities. For example, Perdomo wheels and Tampa hand rolls include 50 cigars. This means that you’ll have to have adequate storage for your smokes, or they’ll dry out, lose their flavor and taste like an old shoe. Since you don’t want to lose out on the investment, be sure to have humidity-controlled space ready to go.

If there isn’t enough room in your humidor, this might be a good time to pick up a larger one. If that’s not in the budget immediately, there are options. Any airtight container will suffice as long as you have a controlled humidity source and a calibrated hygrometer. Popular makeshift humidors include coolers and plastic storage containers.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Too Much

Sure, a few cheap Maduro cigars are very enjoyable when mixed in with the rest of your rotation. Perhaps you don’t mind a powerful Nicaraguan cigar once in a while. But are you prepared to smoke one Maduro or Nicaraguan after another?

That’s the dilemma you face when buying bulk cigars. There are a couple of ways to remedy this problem. First, you can simply spread them out over time, having a couple a week over several months in rotation with other cigars. The second popular solution is to trade bulk cigars with your friends who enjoy similar tastes. If you each buy a 40-pack of cigars and split them, you’ll have 20 cigars of both types. Add in another friend or two, and you get greater variety while still enjoying the lower cost of bulk cigar orders.

There’s great value in buying cigars in bulk when you know what you’re getting into. Keep these three tips in mind to maximize your investment.

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