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3 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Storage Company Contract


With their greater versatility and the lower cost per square foot, self-storage units, options and solutions continue to be a very important resource for both small and large businesses alike. While the current boom in self-storage services can provide business owners with access to a wide variety of storage options, signing the wrong contract could have serious long-term consequences. Business owners who ask themselves the following three questions will be far more likely to select a storage solution that will be better suited to both their needs and their budget.

Where is the Unit Located?

Storage environments that are too far away to be conveniently accessed can lead to any number of potential issues and complications. Being able to access any equipment, inventory or other items that have been stored off-site more quickly and easily is never a consideration that should go overlooked. Choosing to sign a contract with a service provider who can offer a wider range of potential locations and options to choose from can often make a considerable difference.

What Type of Storage Environments Are Available?

Storage needs can change over time and businesses would do well to sign a service contract with a provider who will be better able to assist them in the days to come. Storage options that lack a controlled climate, those that may be too cramped or confining and sites that may not be as safe and secure as possible could quickly become little more than a costly liability. When it comes to signing a contract with the right provider, businesses need to consider both their current and future needs before making a decision.

Can the Contents Be Easily Transported?

Having to travel to the site of a storage facility in order to manually load or transfer the contents of a unit prior to transport can often be both time and labor intensive. Sites and services that make it easier to transport the entire unit can be an ideal solution for businesses that may be seeking to relocate at some point in the future. Ensuring that a storage unit can be moved off-site or delivered to a new location more quickly and easily may not be a consideration that should go overlooked.

Choosing the Right Storage Option

The growing demand for storage can provide some indication regarding just how valuable this service can be for businesses. From finding short-term storage solutions that can provide superior convenience to reducing the need to move into a larger and more expensive environment, access to the right storage environment and options can often be of paramount importance. Business owners stand to benefit by ensuring that they are able to seek out and select a storage solution that may provide superior value and greater convenience.

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