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3 Major Reasons Why Smokers Should Switch to E-Cigars


The electronic cigarette was invented in the year 2003 in Beijing, China by a man named Hon Lik. Since then, there has been plenty of debate on whether the product has any advantages over the regular traditional cigarettes. Nevertheless, there are so many people across the globe who are addicted to cigarettes and wondering whether the E-Cigarettes provide a better alternative to the traditional cigarettes. The answer is yes. In this article, we will look at three major reasons why smokers should switch to E-Cigarettes. They include:

1. It is cheaper than the traditional cigarette

The Dallas Morning News posted an article that tries to explain why the E-Cigs are more inexpensive compared to the traditional cigarettes. In the late 1900’s a high-quality pack of cigarettes would cost about $1. By the mid 90’s the price of the commodity had doubled. Today, a quality pack of cigarettes goes for $7 to $12 depending on the state one is in. This means that on average a smoker will spend about $300 every month which translates to about $3600 dollars a year. This increase in prices can be attributed to a number of factors such as inflation, increased production cost as well as increased distribution cost. However, the main reason for the increase in the price of traditional cigarettes is taxation.

E-Cigarettes on the other hand do not share this state of perplexity. This is because most companies manufacturing these cigarettes claim that they are tantamount to about two packets of other traditional cigarettes. This coming from a commodity that costs not more than $10 is quite impressive.

2. They smell better compared to traditional cigarettes

The fact that cigarettes don’t smell nice is a widely known fact. This smell will cling onto just about anything it comes into contact with. Most cigarette smokers don’t realize how repulsive the smell is to most people. E-Cigarettes do not have this menacing smell. This is because E-Cigarettes do not produce smoke. They produce some form of vapor which disappears almost immediately into the air. The smell is therefore nonexistent to other people who are not smokers. Also, most E-Cigarettes come in different flavors which help with the situation.

3. They are safer compared to Traditional cigarettes

According to an article The Guardian, E-Cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. There are quite a number of studies that suggest that people who smoke cigarettes are prone to a number of health conditions such as stroke, lung cancer, throat cancer, heart attacks, osteoporosis, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s among others. On the other hand, The Guardian reports that Public Health England published a study report that showed that E-Cigarettes are ninety-five percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The Roswell Park cancer Institute conducted a study that showed that the level of toxins in an E-Cigarette were 9 to 450 times lower than they were in traditional cigarettes. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos who is a doctor from Greece was able to prove that E-Cigarette users only experience a slight increase in blood pressure and heart rate which is not the case in people who smoke cigarettes.

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